Dedicated centres

We organise dedicated centres where a team of specialists develops, tests and supports your IT solutions.

Reksoft offers the services of specialized units, implying long-term cooperation between the customer and the contractor. We take into account the requirements of the companies and create a team of specialists and all the infrastructure necessary for its successful operation.

Reksoft can manage several divisions of its centres from different parts of the world.


Dedicated software development centres

Dedicated testing and QA centres

Dedicated maintenance and support teams


We provide quality assurance specialists, program engineers, analysts, project and product managers, as well as other workers with relevant technical competencies.

By contacting a specialized development center, the client allows the provider to manage their needs for software, support and maintenance. Dedicated developers work from a centralized location controlled from head office.

Using the services of these centers, the customer can determine the level of his participation in the activity process: directly manage drafts or delegate authority to the supplier’s team, instead focusing on his business.

Our dedicated centres are deeply integrated with the client’s firm. This helps the team of specialists becomes part of the customer technology department by default. This includes close collaboration between business units that will rely on the expertise and support of dedicated centres. The tight fusion of processes and operational infrastructures does not actually distinguish between them as separate entities.

Contact experienced and highly qualified specialists for software development and technical support at Reksoft dedicated centers.



Global Services 100

Since 2010, Reksoft has been ranked among «The Global Outsourcing 100»


The Top Offshoring Providers List

IAOP and Fortune rank Reksoft in the top 30 of their Top Offshoring Providers List.

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