IT solutions for smart airports

Reksoft team develops effective solutions for creating smart airports. We help airlines optimize their operations, rise productivity and increase profits by new digital technologies. Reksoft provides modern software development services to airports and enterprises operating in the civil aviation industry.


Our specialists help the aviation business to carry out transformation faster and more efficiently by of safe and reliable IT solutions. Reksoft software development services cover a wide range of airline’s needs. Advantages of developing programs for creating smart airports:

Improved interaction and passenger service. Technologies allow you to track the status of flight delays, the length of queues, lost luggage.

Cost savings for the aviation industry. New technologies can optimize equipment performance, reduce maintenance prices and extend the life of expensive mechanisms.

Providing increased security at the airport. Digital products give video recording and biometric authentication of personnel and passengers, alerts about potential danger risks in real time and crisis management.

Analytics of a large amount of information. We use big data solutions that study multiple input figures and trends to make data-driven business decisions.

Improved interoperability. Smart airport integrates all workflow and control systems to get a better understanding of integrated all operations. Airlines management and monitoring centers help orderly and remotely govern of multidisciplinary personnel.

Reksoft can develop digital platforms for smart airport which are holistic, automated, flexible and responsive. These systems use fault-tolerant and scalable infrastructure and provide real-time data analytics, self-service capabilities on end-user devices. This helps in timely access to information, thereby aiding in accurate decision-making.


Digitization plays an important role in ensuring security at airports. So we create software to increase passenger satisfaction and civil aviation efficiency. Our platforms are based on the integration of several technologies, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, digital twins, video cloud, big data, etc.

To achieve business goals, we offer various IT solutions to aviation companies:

  • Ongoing analysis of work processes.
  • Comprehensive assessment of content management systems.
  • Creation of an automated platform.
  • Integration of interfaces of various services, including booking, registration, flight schedules and airfare.
  • Migration of logic and functionality from the old system.
  • Integration with third-party modules.
  • Development of a scalable system.
  • Equipment maintenance.
  • Staff training in the use of the new system.

We will study the nuances and features of the current passenger flow, the layout of the building and the direction of movement in order to propose a plan for optimizing your technological processes.

We use a systematic approach to work and create software for any airport needs to improve their functionality and make them profitable.


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