Automated baggage handling system for airports

Our solution’s purposes:

Airport modernization

The existing systems cannot cope with the increased passenger traffic. There are queues, congestion, flight delays.

We help eliminate the bottleneck effect and increase the productivity of the entire baggage handling complex, reduce queues and optimize passenger traffic inside the building.

Construction of a new terminal

We will study the needs of the new airport, design and implement a baggage handling system taking into account the planned passenger traffic and the individual needs of the enterprise.

Also we will provide for the possibility of increasing the number of passengers in the future. There will be no traffic jams at the new airport, passengers won’t lose their luggage and be late for flights.

Functionality of the baggage handling system

Passenger registration

Full-featured check-in islands: check-in counters, weighing conveyors and collecting conveyor lines

Baggage inspection

Integration with airport inspection systems provides a three-level security system

Transportation, sorting, packing and baggage collection

Conveyor systems, laterals and carousels allow for timely loading of flights and handing out luggage to passengers


From concept development to commissioning and maintenance

Analysis of the enterprise work

We will go to the enterprise, even if it is located in the Far North or the Far East. On the spot, we will evaluate the topology of the warehouse, the volume of exchanges, the number and volume of orders, planned delivery schedules

Solution prototype

We will design a technological solution and use 3D modeling systems to fit it inside the warehouse building. We will develop digital twins, a virtual copy of the future system.


We will check the required load indicators, conduct tests and debug the prototype. The designed solution will correspond to your tasks at hand.

System production and delivery

We will select the components, produce the equipment and deliver it to any warehouse.

Onsite system launch

We will carry out installation, commissioning and put the system into operation. We will teach the staff how to work with software, maintain and repair equipment.

Warranty and post-warranty service

8/5 or 24/7 technical support. We also provide maintenance and repair of equipment. We do all the work independently, or together with the customer’s employees and gradually transfer support into the hands of the enterprise team.