Digital transformation for the oil and gas sector

We turn a complex IT infrastructure into an effective company management tool

We will help you integrate disparate solutions and automate paper business processes in a single information space with the required level of security


Single information space

We will integrate the company’s systems and contractors into a single information space, highlight critical data and ensure their monitoring.

It allows:

  • To make management decisions based on objective information, rather than arrays of disparate data or subjective reports.
  • To reduce downtime and associated costs at all stages: from oil. production at the field to the receipt of gasoline at the gas station.

We’ve developed a telecommunications monitoring center for one of the leaders of the Russian oil and gas industry.

Control everything online

We automate paper business processes or create new ones and integrate them into the company’s digital environment.

Instead of scattered paper reports, there is an automated management system that helps to quickly find and eliminate the source of problems. Whether it is the quality of cleaning at the enterprise or discrepancies between the planned and actual amount of raw materials produced at the refinery.

We’ve developed an application for monitoring the operation of gas stations for one of the leaders of the Russian oil and gas industry.

Gas stations clients are loyal followers of the brand

We can create a single communication channel for customers of your gas stations — we will develop mobile applications for Android and iOS, applications with AR. We will help to increase the frequency of refueling, increase loyalty and expand the customer base.

Improved organization within a company

  • We integrate corporate subsystems, organize employee access to the necessary resources and effective information exchange.
  • We prevent duplication of documents, ensure the accuracy, integrity and consistency of data.
  • We will restore order in the internal document flow and communications between departments.



We provide recommendations or arrange a reference visit to our customers from the fuel and energy sector. We allocate a team of certified specialists with confirmed qualifications. Within three days we will calculate the cost of the project.

Security and fault tolerance

We work within the framework of the import substitution program and taking into account the requirements of security systems of oil and gas companies. We use software products from domestic suppliers or Open Source. We have a license from the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB).

Full cycle of services

Analytics, UX/UI, software development, functional and integration testing. We integrate the system with the company’s internal and external systems, conduct tests and provide protection.


Oil and gas companies and their contractors use a large number of self-written, often outdated software systems. There is a lot of data, they are often contradictory and not always relevant. There is no magic pill that will help you solve all the problems in an instant. Therefore, we dive deep into the client’s problems, iteratively conduct research and find the optimal solution together.