Improving efficiency via SAP R/3 and Documentum integration for Gazprom


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Share of global gas production

Gazprom is Russia’s largest company and the world’s largest extractor of natural gas.


Gas exploration and production is a difficult and demanding business, and the industry is highly regulated. Business efficiency is highly prized and Gazprom, one of the world’s largest energy companies, faced a number of issues affecting workflow processes. With company activities widely distributed across Russia and over 220,000 employees, a number of remote sites were not connected to the company’s central systems. This restricted employee access to important information. Moreover, the company’s workflow and other information systems were not integrated with one another, which further hampered efficiency. Gazprom management wanted to bridge the gap between different departments and units to enable them to access up-to-date instructions with the latest versions of specifications and drawings. To achieve this, the company needed to reorganize interaction between its enterprise resource planning and content management systems.

Remote sites not connected to the company’s central systems.
Employee access to important information was restricted.
Gazprom’s workflow and other information systems were not integrated.


In order to connect remote workspaces with important information, we needed to combine Gazprom’s enterprise resource planning and content management systems into a single environment. The integration solution was based on software products developed by EMC for integrating SAP R/3 and Documentum systems – Archive Services and Content Services for SAP R/3. The integrated solution we developed provided functionality for bilateral data exchange between SAP R/3 and Documentum systems. This facilitates the exchange of agreements with attachments of scanned images of financial accounting documents to business documents stored in SAP R/3 systems, and the storage of these images in the Documentum system, with transparent access to their content from the SAP R/3 system.

ERP and CMS combined into single environment.
EMC software products used to integrate SAP R/3 and Documentum systems.
Our solution provided functionality for bilateral data exchange.
Single environment facilitates exchange of agreements between systems.


The collaborative efforts of our SAP R/3 practice and Documentum consulting department, working in tandem with the client’s team, helped Gazprom optimize its business processes. Our integration work eliminates the need for clients to purchase hundreds of additional software licenses, saving Gazprom 50% of its IT budget. By combining the SAP R/3 and EMC Documentum platforms, we provide end users at Gazprom with free access to vital company information, enabling them to enter, manage and edit all important data. Our solution enables greater data exchange between Gazprom’s employees, actively increasing participation and co-operation between its SAP R/3 and Documentum users, and streamlining workflow.

We helped Gazprom optimise its business processes.
Integration eliminates need to purchase 100s of additional software licenses.
Gazprom saves 50% of its IT budget.
Gazprom employees now enjoy access to vital company information.
Сотрудники «Газпрома» получили доступ к крайне необходимой для работы информации.
Greater data exchange between Gazprom’s employees enabled.


  • mySAP ERP
  • EMC Documentum
  • EMC Archive Services for SAP R/3
  • EMC Content Services for SAP R/3
  • Oracle Database
  • BEA WebLogic Server


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  • Development
  • Integration
  • Software maintenance
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