End-to-end solutions

That improve your business

Automated complex for logistics centers

We automate transportation, sorting and picking of shipments in logistics centers. We offer a comprehensive solution: from system design to installation and onsite commissioning.

We work with large federal clients and small regional warehouses.

End-to-end solution for warehouses and fulfillment centers

We automate the transportation, warehousing and packaging in the fulfillment centers. We increase the efficiency of registration and execution of orders, so that the center works like clockwork.

We offer an end-to-end solution:

  • Design and manufacturing of an automated complex,
  • Installation and commissioning,
  • Implementing WMS and OMS,
  • Integration of solutions into the IT-infrastructure of the enterprise.

We work with large federal customers and small regional warehouses.

Automated baggage handling system for airports

Innovative system for transportation, sorting and bundling any volume of luggage. Fully designed and manufactured in Russia.

When the solution will be useful:

  1. Airport modernization.
  2. Construction of a new terminal.

We will provide a full range of services – from concept development to commissioning and maintenance.

Russia’s first baggage handling system

Find out how we implemented an automated solution for airports in one of the largest domestic terminals. The system is fully designed and manufactured in Russia