Warehouses & Fulfillment Centers Automation

We automate the transportation, warehousing and packaging of goods in fulfillment centers

We increase the efficiency of registration and execution of orders

  • We will design and produce an automated complex for transportation, storage, sorting and picking.
  • We will carry out installation and commissioning of the complex.
  • We will implement an automated warehouse management system and order management system.
  • We will integrate our IT solutions into your enterprise infrastructure

We will help you solve most of the typical problems

Human factor dependency

If an employee has a day off or has quit, it takes time to restore work

Inefficient order registration

Accounting of orders takes place in the manager’s notebook or Excel spreadsheet. Records are lost, it is difficult to control the execution.

Lack of space

There is not enough space due to the inability to rationally assess the dimensions, storage conditions and product residues

Over-grading and shortages

Errors in the acceptance or shipment of goods lead to inaccuracies in accounting. This creates opportunities for theft, leads to over-grading and shortages

Regular deficit

There is no up-to-date information on commodity balances, which prevents replenishing stocks in time

We’ll implement an end-to-end solution

All the necessary details and needs of your business are accounted for

Equipment supply, WMS and OMS implementation

To manage the warehouse and orders. We integrate solutions into the company’s digital environment.

Registration and execution of orders efficiency bump

We will ensure transparent accounting, reduce costs and minimize the impact of the human factor.

Like clockwork

Customers receive orders on time, re-sorting and shortages are minimized

Automated complex

Sorting and picking solutions

Design and development

We will design and produce conveyor lines, elevators, scales, roller tables, sorters, mezzanines and gravity racks. We will develop individual solutions for sorting and picking.

Delivery and installation

We deliver the equipment to anywhere. We will perform installation and commissioning, train end users and provide technical support.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our WMS solution is installed on 250 enterprises. The productivity is more than 500,000 lines of orders per day, work of up to 500 users at the same time

Acceptance and marking

Radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) allows you to instantly get information about incoming shipments, transfer electronic acceptance documents from ERP to WMS and vice versa, automatically detect discrepancies based on the results of acceptance.

Order completion

The system monitors each order, its execution time, incidents and allows to set personal KPIs for collectors. This ensures maximum accuracy and speed of picking.


A single system for all the Information about warehouse items: location, expiration date, balances, etc. This increases the transparency of accounting, simplifies management at the strategic and operational level.

Placement and sorting of goods

Placement in accordance with the dimensions, frequency of requests and categories of goods. The system will check that perishable goods get into the refrigerator, the required items are at hand, and the cell space is used most efficiently.

Warehouse online monitoring

The system helps to monitor the execution of orders, the speed of operations, the development of employees and other parameters in real time.


The solution will help to maintain up-to-date information about the balances, to abandon expensive planned inventory and not to stop the work of the center.

Any questions?

Our consultants will tell you in detail how WMS benefits your warehouse

Order Management System (OMS)

Allows you to manage inventory in real time, track picking, delivery and receipt of orders. It helps to reduce delivery time, reduce transportation costs and improve the quality of service.

Managing orders from different channels

Customers place orders through a website, mobile app, in a store or on trading platforms. The information is fed into a single system — the solution processes the request and selects goods taking into account the inventory level and the location of warehouses.

Inventory control and error elimination

The solution gives a holistic view of stocks — positions in stock and in delivery, demand levels. This allows you to abandon excess stocks and replenish the balances in a timely manner.

Organization of order delivery by transport companies

The system will automatically select the optimal chain and calculate the cost of delivery

Order status monitoring at any point in the supply chain

The solution helps to track every stage of order delivery — from picking up at the warehouse to receiving by the customer

Omni-channel system for the “O’KEY” hypermarket chain

Find out how we developed the first Russian online food-retail store


From concept development to commissioning and maintenance

Analysis of the enterprise work

We will go to the enterprise, even if it is located in the Far North or the Far East. On the spot, we will evaluate the topology of the warehouse, the volume of exchanges, the number and volume of orders, planned delivery schedules

Solution prototype

We will design a technological solution and use 3D modeling systems to fit it inside the warehouse building. We will develop digital twins, a virtual copy of the future system.


We will check the required load indicators, conduct tests and debug the prototype. The designed solution will correspond to your tasks at hand.

System production and delivery

We will select the components, produce the equipment and deliver it to any warehouse.

Onsite system launch

We will carry out installation, commissioning and put the system into operation. We will teach the staff how to work with software, maintain and repair equipment.

Warranty and post-warranty service

8/5 or 24/7 technical support. We also provide maintenance and repair of equipment. We do all the work independently, or together with the customer’s employees and gradually transfer support into the hands of the enterprise team.