Platform for responsible creation of digital products

As the complexity of the IT project increases and the membership of the project team expands, as a rule, new management tasks arise that are not typical for the early stages. These include issues of assessing the impact of changes, difficulties associated with conducting a what-if analysis and budget assessment in the face of constantly changing requirements. In addition, the increase in the number of the project team members is often expressed in a multiple increase in overhead costs associated with an increase in the number of communications, complexity of management processes and support of a single information background.

As a response to these and other challenges, Reksoft applies Skillflex, a set of project management practices and techniques developed through the analysis of accumulated experience working on complex projects.


Platform basic principles:

  • Organization of project work within a single information space based on specialized information systems seamlessly integrated with each other.
  • Continuous automated monitoring of project metrics, timely implementation of compensating measures when exceeding the threshold values.
  • Organization of an end-to-end management process through the support of formalized links between project artifacts and the hierarchical structure of tasks.
  • A two-circuit analytics and design model to provide accurate estimates on the selected planning horizon in several release cycles and an up-to-date roadmap for budget planning.
  • A detailed description of the processes and methods of project work, united by the project charter.

Skillflex™ benefits

Time To Market

Shortening the release time of new functionality in a productive environment

Risk management

Early identification of project risks

Requirement management

Control and flexibility when requirements change

Budget management

Transparency and minimization of overhead costs

Skillflex™ provides reliable implementation of large complex IT projects in an agreed time frame.