We conduct testing, provide maintenance and technical support for developed IT systems, train employees.


Monitoring systems

We will implement a centralized monitoring system covering all infrastructure components and services at all levels, or provide monitoring of certain IT infrastructure elements and individual services. This will allow you to quickly get information about the availability and quality of business processes, services and SLAs, and to quickly identify and fix problems.

Testing & QA

We conduct functional and load testing to reduce the financial cost of introducing new products and shorten their time to market. We automate the process to reduce the burden on IT and business units.

Tech support

We ensure uninterrupted operation of the software, promptly eliminate errors, conduct timely updates in order to minimize downtime and associated costs.

Software operations & evolution

We provide high flexibility and scalability, expand and refine functionality, and train employees to use the new features. This will ensure that your software meets current user needs and market demands.