Software maintenance

Software maintenance (SM) is a modification of the applications after installation to correct errors, improve performance or other characteristics. Reksoft IT developers are constantly improving programs so that your business is competitive and relevant. Maintenance is so critical as software development.

What does it mean?

SM means changing, modifying, and updating computer programs to keep up with company’s needs. It includes the use of advanced IT developments, minimizing the number of errors and eliminating old options. The product maintenance management is a continuous activity.


There are 4 main types of technical programs support which is suitable for certain purposes.

Here are the following ones:

  • Corrective Software Maintenance. It means remedying defects, errors and faults which prevent applications from working properly. Mistakes indicate more serious flaws in the product design logic or code. This affects the functionality of programs in general, and therefore it needs to be eliminated as quickly as possible.
  • Adaptive Software Maintenance. This is a process of transformation in the system so that the programs remain compatible with the changing business needs and IT development. Adaptive support is performed in accordance with new operating services, platforms and maintain continuity of program work. It makes the system flexible to adjust to a variety of changes.
  • Preventative Software Maintenance. The process includes modifications and updating to prevent future applications problems. This eliminates small defects that are not matter at the moment, but may develop into more serious ones. These are so-called hidden malfunctions that need to be detected and corrected so that they do not become effective.
  • Perfective Software Maintenance. It means shifting the functionality of the operating system by improving, removing or inserting new features. It isn’t in response to a fault or problem in the information area of the company. This process keeps the product up-to-date as the market and user needs change. Code functionality improvements or application speed optimization are examples of this support.

Why need to maintain operating systems?

Information Technology products requires support. It is necessary because:

  • To improve the performance of the operating systems. It includes testing product, problem identification and reengineering. IT solutions protect the program from fragility and malicious actions.
  • To fix errors in applications. This process involves finding mistakes in the code and correcting it. The problems may be in hardware, operating systems or any part.
  • To remove outdated functions. It adapts the IT system to cope with changing business conditions. Outdated options are deleted and replaced with developments using a new tools and technologies.
  • To improve characteristics of programs. It helps companies to be compatible with the changing market environment. IT operations and technically updated decisions in software develop the business.

Service modifications and updates are made for economic reasons, customer requirements, host adaptation, or changes in the company structure.

Maintenance lifecycle

The software maintenance lifecycle includes 8 stages. Here they are:

  • Identification & Tracing. At this stage, modifications are determined.
  • Analysis. It means the studying of various technical approaches that can be used for the successful implementation of the project with minimal risks.
  • Design. New operating modifications are created based on the analysis.
  • Implementation. Developers are implementing new product modules.
  • System Testing. The created models and specifications are checked at this stage.
  • Acceptance Testing. Users run a trial check of the product.
  • Delivery. It means installing an update package or new application in the customer’s company.
  • Maintenance management. The process includes the technical control mechanisms of the operating system.

Technical support cost

Maintenance of programs is quite expensive. 60% of the costs are for technical support. This is influenced by many factors and situations. SM of outdated applications is more expensive. IT developers offer ways to reduce costs through optimization and functional programming. If the software is not maintained, it will become outdated and will update more expensive.

Reksoft services

Reksoft provides comprehensive technical support for software products with predictable budgets. Our experts work with companies from different industries and areas, helping to find optimal solutions for business improvement. We offer:

Maintenance and support
Support and software development

Reksoft IT solutions are a full software lifecycle.


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