Delivering an automated content management system for IrkutskEnergo


place in the electricity generation in Russia
100 000
electricity consumers in Siberia and Mongolia

IrkutskEnergo is a utility company, generating and distributing hydroelectric and thermoelectric energy.


Over half a million people in Siberia and Mongolia depend on IrkutskEnergo for their electricity supply. The company generates energy at Lake Baikal and has 37 sites in the region controlling generation and distribution.

Until recently, millions of paper documents were being circulated among 7000 widely distributed users within the company, which posed a number of significant efficiency issues. For many participants, information access was limited, the confirmation process was unwieldy and time-consuming, and documents were sometimes lost altogether.

IrkutsEnergo management wanted to reduce document search time, streamline workflow and ensure that decision-makers had access to necessary materials. This could not be achieved without automating document management.Structured and user-friendly BI system was required.

Widely distributed users suffered from limited information access.
Complicated confirmation process and risk of document loss.
Client had to reduce document search time and streamline workflow.
Automation of document management was required.


Our analysis concluded that IrkutskEnergo’s document management needed to be automated using a customised EMC Documentum platform. Our team audited the server facilities and decided to implement a cluster configuration to guarantee reliable, high-availability performance.

Both the system interface and server logic were customised: the interface introduced advanced profile-based access rights management, while the new server logic streamlined information flow and improved overall system operation.

A number of other efficiency measures were also introduced: a digital signature system was implemented to reduce paperwork; fax servers, scanners, and e-mail were fully integrated to improve workflow; and documents are now stamped automatically as soon as they enter the organisation. To ensure a smooth transition to these new system components, we continue to offer IrkutsEnergo support and maintenance. Introduction of reporting system based on BI technology – Crystal Reports (Business Objects) and Sybase.

Cluster configuration guarantees reliable high availability.
System interface and server logic customised.
Digital signature system implemented, communications integrated.
We continue to provide support and maintenance.


Thousands of IrkutskEnergo employees, from ordinary business users to higher management, have benefited from our implementation of an automated content management system.

The cluster configuration increases information security and reliable system performance, while documents are approved much faster, improving the company’s agility and allowing better-informed decisions to be made more quickly.

Improving document workflow and widening user access maximises the value of company information at every point in the information lifecycle. Routine, manual work is substantially reduced, and freedom from bureaucratic distractions means employees can work more efficiently, with the company as a whole improving its core business focus. Development of powerful BI business analysis, statistics and reporting.

New automated content management system benefits 7000 users.

Documents are approved fast, improving company agility.

Cluster configuration increases information security.

Improved document workflow and greater user access.


  • EMC Documentum
  • EMC Documentum Client for Outlook
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Application Server
  • Crypto Pro


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