Automation of Logistics Centers

We help optimize the flow of goods, improve customer service, reduce expenses and minimize risk

We offer a comprehensive solution: from system design to installation and onsite commissioning. We work with both large federal clients and small regional warehouses.

Equipment supply & Software implementation

We launch a logistics center management system and an automated sorting management system at the enterprise

Shipment processing and sorting speed increase

We will reduce the influence of the human factor, ensure efficient use of the center’s territory and help reduce staff costs

Clockwork functioning of your hub

Shipments will be processed quickly, customers will receive orders on time, re-sorting and shortages will be minimized

We will help you solve most of the typical problems

Inefficient processing and sorting

Shipments are processed manually and haphazardly. The process takes a long time, some parcels are lost and do not reach the recipients

Over-grading and shortages

Errors in the acceptance or shipment of goods lead to inaccuracies in accounting. This creates opportunities for theft, leads to over-grading and shortages.

Human factor

If an employee has a day off or has quit, it takes time to restore work.

Regular downtime

To carry out an inventory, it is necessary to stop the work of the enterprise. This leads to additional costs.

High manual labor costs

It takes a large staff of employees to manually process orders.

Shortage of space

There is not enough space, there is a regular mess due to the inability to rationally assess the dimensions, storage conditions and product residues.

Automated complex

We design, manufacture and deliver equipment for automation of the logistics center:

  • Conveyors: universal, slide, incline, rotary.
  • Sorters and tippers.
  • Dynamic weighing and sizing systems.
  • Loading and unloading systems.

Automated sorting management system

  • System for sorting shipments using Pick-to-Light/Sort-to-Light complexes.
  • Barcode or address reading system (BCR, OCR).
  • System of registration and data collection based on workstations and mobile terminals.

System integration

  • Integration with sorting management systems.
  • Integration with enterprise management systems.
  • Integration with security systems and other related infrastructure components.

Center Management

  • Equipment management of transportation, sorting and storage systems.
  • Dispatcher equipment control panel.
  • Distributed system for monitoring the operation of equipment.

We deliver, install and commission the equipment, train employees and provide technical support

Don’t know where to begin?

Contact us. Our experts will call you back and consult you.


From concept development to commissioning and maintenance

Analysis of the enterprise work

We will go to the enterprise, even if it is located in the Far North or the Far East. On the spot, we will evaluate the topology of the warehouse, the volume of exchanges, the number and volume of orders, planned delivery schedules

Solution prototype

We will design a technological solution and use 3D modeling systems to fit it inside the warehouse building. We will develop digital twins, a virtual copy of the future system.


We will check the required load indicators, conduct tests and debug the prototype. The designed solution will correspond to your tasks at hand.

System production and delivery

We will select the components, produce the equipment and deliver it to any warehouse.

Onsite system launch

We will carry out installation, commissioning and put the system into operation. We will teach the staff how to work with software, maintain and repair equipment.

Warranty and post-warranty service

8/5 or 24/7 technical support. We also provide maintenance and repair of equipment. We do all the work independently, or together with the customer’s employees and gradually transfer support into the hands of the enterprise team.