Transformation and Strategic Consulting

Reksoft Consulting team offers broad and deep experience in business transformation: from the development of strategy and operating models to change management.

We are confident in the impact and feasibility of all our recommendations as we can leverage the wide range of functional skills and deep industry expertise of our consulting team. Our consultancy can also freely tap into the large capabilities of other Reksoft Group divisions specialized in the development and deployment of IT solutions at any degree of complexity.

Andrey Skorochkin

CEO of Reksoft Consulting

“Our business is about creation. We are never complacent and continue to pursue growth and new opportunities, seeking to contribute in any way possible to a better world. We promote and live these values and attitudes with our clients and partners, colleagues and friends. Our mission is to help companies and individuals realize their maximum potential, reach new levels and always grow further.”


Technology Strategy

Creating roadmaps to support future technological and innovative growth for companies faced with volatility, technological, and economic constraints

Technology Strategy

IT Strategy

  • Digital transformation strategy and IT strategy development: AS-IS IT landscape audit, update and verification
  • IT risk assessment, technology due diligence (buy-side and sell-side transactions)


IT Architecture Design

  • New IT architectures and TO-BE operating model design aligned with business strategy challenges, based on available and next-generation technologies and cybersecurity requirements
  • Microservices architecture design. Creating a roadmap for architecture transformation towards a microservice approach
  • Digital platform concept design
  • Assistance in vendor selection


Operating Model for Digital

  • IT operating model design, business and IT cooperation model development, external IT ecosystem management, innovation management
  • Product-based methodology coaching for teams and programs, integrated digital factory design and deployment
  • Service-based management model implementation
  • Optimized IT product and service sourcing strategy development


MES Strategies

  • MES and DCS audits
  • Approach to functionality evolution to enable reliable accounting and efficiency growth in production


AI Deployment Strategy

  • Future-proof platform roadmap development for AI solutions
  • Operating model design to develop and support AI-powered/advanced analytics solutions
  • Innovative AI/AA project portfolio definition


IT Infrastructure Architecture

  • Scalable, robust and secure infrastructure design
  • Concept, design, and launch of control towers



Alexey Bogomolov
Practice Lead

Transformation Management

Business strategy development and update, TO-BE vision for the operating model and transformation management system

Transformation Management

New Business Strategies and Operating Models

  • Business strategy development, revision and adjustment: products, markets, competitive analysis, business and investment plans, macroeconomic analysis and scenario modelling
  • Vision and design of the new operating model
  • Comprehensive business transformation roadmap development and execution support, spanning a full range of components – from processes and organizational structure to new IT landscapes and architectures:
    • Fast-track assessment of adaptive capabilities
    • TO-BE vision design, scoping a pilot for launch
    • New management model launch in a lean and adaptive approach (product model, E2E scenarios)
    • New planning and performance monitoring approach establishment


Portfolio / Program Management

  • Portfolio, program, and project management process and practices assessment
  • Design and piloting of the TO-BE operating model for portfolio, program, and project management
  • Best practices in portfolio, program, project management


Data-Driven Management and Decision-Making Models

  • Data management strategy and data model design, including recommendations on operating model improvements and new decision-making flows powered by data and data processing technologies (AI, ML, etc.)
  • Building advanced analytics and decision support systems – from design to deployment


Innovation Management

  • Operating models for managing external and internal innovation, integration into governance. Innovation, industrialization and operationalization process development
  • Operating models for ecosystem engagement to attract and create innovative products, sourcing models
  • Tailored vision for organizational and technological frameworks to drive innovation, including IT architecture improvements and adopting innovative platform solutions



Alexey Bogomolov
Practice Lead

Sales, Marketing & Client Service

Development of commercial and marketing strategies based on big data-driven analytics. Transformation of the operating model in line with advanced and emerging IT technologies

Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

Commercial Strategy

  • Client segmentation based on behavior and business importance
  • Identification of client needs and creation of a value proposition
  • Identification of the optimal sales channel mix
  • Development of trade and commercial terms and conditions with clients and partners
  • Design of an effective sales operating model
  • Identification of marketing channels and mechanics for client acquisition and retention


Marketing Strategy

  • Development of intelligent and dynamic assortment management systems
  • Determination of the optimal levels for regular prices, promos and discount sales based on multi-factor models
  • Marketing performance analytics and identification of effective mechanics and channels
  • Analysis of cannibalization of marketing campaigns
  • Loyalty program design and assessment of its effectiveness
  • Design of effective marketing operating model


Client Experience

  • Development of client profiles and identification of their needs
  • Development of client journeys and identification of optimal touchpoints
  • Development of a data model for client analytics
  • Identification of optimal client interaction and communication channels



Kirill Malyshev
Practice Lead

Supply Chain Management

End-to-end transformation of corporate supply chain management, from strategy and operating models to IT architecture design and change management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Strategy

  • Supply chain and logistics strategies design
  • Logistics network optimization, based on mathematical models; supply chain digital twins design
  • Supply chain management IT landscape design


Integrated Planning

  • Integrated planning operating model, business processes and algorithms design
  • Integrated planning automation


Supply Chain Efficiency Improvement

  • Ensuring E2E transparency in the supply chain (Control Tower)
  • Supply chain operations and business processes improvement
  • Improvement of the function efficiency with the Zero-Based approach



Lyubov Rozhkova
Managing Director, Practice Lead

Procurement Management

Procurement transformation, strategic development and efficiency improvement

Procurement Management

Procurement Operating Model Transformation

Transformation is considered when the client’s operating model has substantial gaps against best practices

  • Assessment of the AS-IS state
  • Conceptual design of target operating model (business processes, organizational model, IT architecture)
  • Revision of procurement methodology, policies and reporting
  • Development of the transformation roadmap
  • Agile implementation of TO-BE model through a series of pilots and change management


Improvement of Operational Efficiency

Efficiency Improvement is considered when the client’s operating model is built on the right principles but there is room for growth

  • Assessment of the AS-IS state
  • Identification of development opportunities
  • Optimization of cross-functional processes – from requirements planning to consumption with a focus on lead time reduction and business satisfaction improvement
  • Supplier Contract terms optimization
  • Inventory optimization
  • Controls optimization


Category Management

  • Category management framework implementation
  • Development and support of category strategies
  • Category management training
  • Sourcing support


Supplier Relations Management

  • SRM framework implementation
  • Supplier segmentation
  • Development and support of supplier relationship strategies


Analytics and Reports

  • KPIs, metrics, reports
  • Analytics scenarios
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Data modeling
  • Master data preparation
  • BI-system implementation


Implementation of Digital Solutions

  • Development of IT/Digital strategy for procurement processes
  • Custom development of procurement solutions



Igor Samochernov
Managing Director, Practice Lead

Organizational Design and Human Resource Management

Development of organizational models and HR strategies, development of the HR function, systems and approaches to change management

Organizational Design and Human Resource Management

Organizational Design, Change Management and Corporate Culture

  • Development of operating models and governance models
  • Organizational analysis and design (including audit and design of organizational structures)
  • Systematization of the role architecture
  • Design and implementation of integrated business services
  • Corporate culture diagnostics and behavior change
  • Transformation support and change management


Talent Management

  • Talent segmentation and HR strategy design
  • Workforce planning: headcount modeling, and talent sourcing
  • Professional development programs design
  • Learning operating models and corporate universities design
  • Career development modeling
  • Employer Value Proposition analysis and design
  • Development of leaders
  • Talent and HR analytics


HR Function Development

  • HR maturity diagnostics and development plan
  • HR digitalization
  • Employee experience design
  • Innovative models of the HR function



Margarita Patrusheva
Practice Lead