We help you transform your business

with innovative technologies


IT and digital transformation consulting

We understand productivity in any business depends on increasing digitalisation. Our experts can support you by tailoring the latest solutions to ensure you can deliver all your corporate objectives.

  • transformation strategies
  • new product conception
  • technical audit
  • applications re-engineering
  • user experience improvement
Digital design and development

We provide full-cycle software development services, using innovative technologies and tailored business solutions.

  • Requirements management and prototyping
  • Software design, development and integration
  • Managing the software life cycle
Support, maintenance and operations

We carry out testing, provide assistance and technical support for the IT solutions we develop, and run training for end users

  • Quality assurance and validation
  • Maintenance and solution enhancement
  • Operations support
Dedicated Centres

We have a proud record in setting up dedicated development centres for both software vendors and our enterprise customers. We integrate our teams into your organization where they perform everything from technology consulting to maintenance.

  • Software development
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Maintenance and support


Engineering is in our DNA

We’ve been creating innovative products and solutions since 1991.


Experts with international experience.


From idea to end product, we believe in solutions, not services.


More than a decade of delivering innovative solutions to business.


We enhance the way you do business, using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, the internet of things and blockchain.


Track the course of our work from anywhere with the Reksoft platform.


Optimise solution development and integration, and accelerate market entry.

Agile and DevOps

You gain by managing the lifecycle of digital products – flexibly.