Reksoft team’s ecology initiatives

September 16, 2021. Reksoft, one of the leading digital solutions developers in Russia, has conducted a series of environment preservation and separate waste collection events.

In the end of summer of 2021, the company has organized three large corporate events in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Voronezh that have marked Reksoft’s 30 years in business. During these gatherings Reksoft employees have supported the initiatives of ‘Separate collection’ eco-movement, ‘Sobirator’ eco project and and ‘Kind bottle caps’ civic movement, all of which were directed to separate garbage and waste collection. Team Reksoft has gathered PET bottles, plastic cutlery, aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic bottle caps, etc, totaling over 130 kilograms of 10+ kinds of litter. The funds received upon processing the waste would be transferred to charity funds: ‘Common children’ and ‘Volunteers helping orphaned kids’.

Small litter processing stations were deployed on the events in Saint Petersburg and Voronezh, in which the activists of the ’Separate collection’ eco-movement were demonstrating which practical use comes from recycling. For example, 7 PET bottles can be recycled into a T-shirt, 700 aluminum cans into a bicycle and 25 plastic bottles into a fleece jacket.

Supporting the general direction of positive environmental impact, Reksoft employees were using their own thermocups and glasses.

Olga Avdeeva, ambassador of corporate social responsibility initiatives at Reksoft, said:

“It’s essential for the Reksoft team to keep the world we live in as safe, clean, kind and cheerful as we can. So we are happy to work towards it and light a happy light to the people in need along the way. We don’t have big or small social initiatives — each and every one of them matters. By giving a piece of ourselves, we become richer and the people around become happier.”