The key trend of the modern economy is the global IT transformation, when the majority of customers want to go to the digital space, and the business, no matter what field of activity it belongs to, is obliged to follow them. Even if the company’s activities aren’t in any way related to information technology, or we are talking about a small business that doesn’t have a sufficiently wide staff to independently develop a new modern strategy, high-quality IT consulting outsourcing will solve the problem. Reksoft will provide you with a personal IT consultant to help you plan and develop software for your digital transformation.

Reksoft Digital Transformation Program

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Reksoft’s portfolio of strategies for digital transformation has ready-made solutions for firms in any industry. While employees are ready to demonstrate an individual approach to each client. Thanks to this, digitalization makes the company’s services more accessible & in demand for its audience, and it’s possible to offer special solutions or technologies that facilitate remote cooperation of the end consumer of goods or help with a seller or contractor.

Reksoft is ready to offer IT consulting in the following areas:

  • E-commerce
  • Omni-channel customer services
  • Mobile and mobile responsive solutions
  • High-load information systems
  • Smart factory
  • Smart city

Enterprise Architecture Expertise

Reksoft helps to bring the vertical of the enterprise in line with the modern understanding of the organization of business. IT consulting can relate to the following aspects of the company’s activities:

  • The introduction of information departments into the architecture of the enterprise.
  • Creation of road maps for the development of the enterprise, taking into account the planned digital transformation.
  • An overview of current trends in the development of information technology in order to show where you need to move.
  • Infrastructure standards and features of the protection of their own digital rights, storage and distribution of data and other documents.

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Smart city

A modern city dweller should have access to all basic services in his own smartphone, which means that both city authorities and private contractors are interested in digitalization. In this industry IT consulting affects the following aspects:

  • How to make the city safe and reduce crime by using information technology.
  • What situation centers are and how they should work to achieve the expected results.
  • How IT can help emergency responders operate more efficiently.
  • Why telematics is needed for transport, services, health, education, and safety.

Smart factory

Thanks to high-quality IT consulting, the efficiency of remote management of large enterprises with a production base scattered across different cities and even continents increase. A properly debugged system allows the manager to control all processes within the enterprise and to be sensitive to the slightest deviations. Here you can develop in the following directions:

  • Development of software that allows employees to work together on solving problems, even if it isn’t possible to do it in the same office.
  • Introduction of high-load information systems capable of processing many Internet requests simultaneously.
  • Integration of enterprise work with databases and analytical resources.
  • The use of secure cloud storage so that the employee can continue to work from any device convenient for him, including in a team with colleagues.
  • Establishing ways of digital interaction between employees using innovative technologies.

Why is it worth contacting the company?

In an effort to bring the business to a new level, management is interested in how to carry out the digital transformation qualitatively. Reksoft is an IT consulting of a high level, and here’s why:

  • In every project we see ourselves not as a one-time contractor, but as a partner, that is, your success is our goal.
  • Each company draws up its own digital transformation program based on the current state of the business and its needs.
  • Software integration occurs with minimal reformatting of the enterprise structure so as not to disrupt the existing ecosystem.
  • Reksoft specialists have a rich experience of cooperation with large customers.
  • Depending on the needs of the client, multiple proven digitalization schemes can be used, or a unique individual strategy is developed.
  • The customer company actively participates in the discussion of the proposed solutions, therefore, the option that the client isn’t satisfied with the result is excluded.
  • The cost of the project is individual in each case and depends on the scale of the work done.

The company always carries out a thorough study of the digital strategy and its subsequent implementation as soon as possible. We always work for an effective result and we will be able to solve the problems that we haven’t coped with before. Do you want to receive the highest quality service for the development of your business or enterprise? Then contact Reksoft.



2018 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO in the category Retail Sales and Distribution
Project: Unified Personal Dashboard for O’KEY


Special nomination by Global CIO

For consistent focus on customer-oriented digitalization for client Gazpromneft-Centre, LLC

Platinum award

Nominated for Best Social/Lifestyle App at the Best Mobile App Awards
Project: O’KEY mobile app


2016 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO for Best Multichannel Solution
Project: Implementation of the Mobile Family concept for the O’KEY online store

2015 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO for Best Sector Solution for our approach to retail automation

Project: OKEY online store development


2014 Innovator of the Year (American Chamber of Commerce)

For the development of the O’KEY online store


2014 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO in the categories Innovative Approach and Communications and Services

Projects: Creating a Test Suite at VTB24 Bank


2014 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO in the categories Innovative Approach and Communications and Services

Improving VTB Bank’s financial limits management system («the best IT solution designed to reduce risk in business»)


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