Based on a comprehensive audit, a selection of best practices, and visionary expert assessments, we will combine diverse business objectives into a comprehensive digital transformation plan to improve business performance


  • Digital strategies
  • Process re-engineering
  • Technical audit
  • Digital product concepts
  • Digital twins
  • E-commerce
  • Omnichannel customer services
  • Mobile apps
  • High-Load information systems
  • Smart Enterprise
  • Smart City
  • Airports, warehouses & hubs automation systems
Smart Enterprise

We optimize and digitalize enterprise processes. We create a single workspace for distributed branches, save resources, and help increase equipment efficiency and service life.

  • Corporate apps
  • High-load information systems
  • Data & analytics
  • Cloud migration
  • Collaboration & BPM
Smart City

We combine all city services into a single information environment for rapid exchange of information and decision-making. Result: improved quality of life for citizens and increased level of public safety.

  • Safe City
  • Situation centers
  • Emergency services
  • Telematics