Reksoft’s overhaul of O’KEY e-commerce mobile app

October 4, 2021. Reksoft, one of the leading digital solutions developers in Russia, has released an overhaul of omnichannel mobile app for O’KEY hypermarkets chain.

In 2021, a cross-functional team of O’KEY and Reksoft employees did a complete redesign and functions update for the retailers’ mobile app. The app is available for iOS and Android platforms and features the hottest UI/UX practices, as well as Google Material Design Guidelines and iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

The new O’KEY mobile app is fully compliant with the One Retail global trend: retailer’s customers have the opportunity to use all the features of O’KEY ecosystem from any device via a unified omnichannel app wherever they shop — in-stores or online.

Project team has rolled out a new modern look for the refreshed app while also focusing on navigation and usability features. User registration and authorization procedures were modernized: they are now implemented via a check code that a user can receive via the phone or an email. User can sign in with a phone number, loyalty card or email without having to memorize the password or restoring it. New authorization mechanics increases security and prevents an unauthorized access to the customer’s profile. In the next releases, the team plans to add an animated sequence to the registration procedure that would show the app’s new features. It will familiarize the user with them and invite them to start using these new functions right away

“Favorite goods’ section was added and detailed. Now the application allows the user to create several template lists at once for regularly recurring purchases, for example: “weekly purchase on weekends”, “for the countryside”, “for parents”, etc. Thanks to the “end-to-end” technology, the list generated by the user in the application will also be available on the computer and vice versa. The section displays the cost of goods and their availability in the selected hypermarket or online store. The user can checkout faster by adding all or part of the previously created shopping list to the cart.

The main page of the application has been significantly redesigned. It focuses on the most attractive current offers for a particular user. Now all information about promotions, discounts, bonuses and coupons is collected in one place that displays the top offers of an offline hypermarket in a particular city and promotions of an online store. For this, the integration of the mobile application with the offline catalog system of the network was carried out.

New filters for product search were added, which would speed up the shopping process. Also, a block of recommended related products has been introduced with a simplified mechanism for moving the selected product to the cart.

“The joint team of O’KEY and Reksoft carried out a lot of work to optimize navigation in the mobile application to preserve the continuity of ordering and ease of returning to the cart for any additional user action. The nativeness of all sections has been significantly increased. We also supported the process of updating the mobile application for network clients”, – commented Nikolay Potapov, Director of the Business Development Department of Reksoft, on the project.

“The personal account of the O’KEY network client corresponds to the omnichannel principle – it is common for online orders and retail purchases, – said Elena Remennikova, Director of e-Commerce at O’KEY Group of Companies – for example, you can accumulate bonus points by purchasing goods in a hypermarket , and spend them in the online store. The circuit works in the same way in the opposite direction. Now the mobile application has already been downloaded by more than 200 thousand users, more than 60% of online orders come through it.”

The partnership between O’KEY Group of Companies and Reksoft started in 2014 from the moment of the start of work on the launch of the network’s e-commerce direction. In 2015, through the joint efforts of a cross-functional team, the O’KEY online store was launched, which became the first full-fledged Internet site for a large network retailer in Russia. Over the years, the team continued to work on the development and improvement of the online platform of the hypermarket chain. Today is a complete omnichannel platform operating on the ‘ONE RETAIL’ principle, when online and offline channels merge organically, and it becomes equally convenient for the customer to communicate and make purchases in any of them.