Creating an online store for gift certificates

CLIENT is an innovative SaaS platform for producing and selling electronic gift certificates, which is today a de facto standard in electronic commerce. The company has existed since 2010, providing its customers with a completely new and unique service for the Russian market.


Modern man is hard to surprise appearance of a new product on the Internet: the number of online stores is growing every day, offering customers more services and products that can be paid for and delivered without leaving the home. decided to go even further in developing online retail by developing a portal through which customers can buy gift certificates for all kinds of goods and services – a completely new service for Russia. These electronic gift certificates were designed the equivalent of already widespread plastic certificates. The difference is that such certificates would not have to be purchased in-store.

Achieving this goal required the development of an online store capable of fast service for a potentially large number of users, and one that was user-friendly and easy to navigate, with the whole process of buying and using certificates as transparent as possible for both sides – both the certificate’s buyer and recipient. One important task was integration with modern online retailers, to give certificate buyers and recipients maximum convenience and peace of mind. In addition, given the rapid development of mobile Internet and the widespread use of various mobile applications among users, also intended to provide services via mobile devices.

Creation of online store to sell electronic gift certificates – a new service for Russia.
Portal required that guaranteed secure payment for certificates.
CRM system, providing transparency for certificate users from the date of purchase and before use.
Integration with existing online retail stores.


Reksoft helped with the development of its online store, arranging a dedicated project team of professionals with great experience in this kind of product development. The team’s task involved analysis and research, architecture design and further development of the system, including integration.

The system has an application programming interface (API), through which can be used on any device with Internet access, including mobile applications and payment terminals. The system also has a special SaaS-solution “widget” by which other online stores can sell electronic certificates and from their own portals.

Reksoft supports the further development of the online store, while the company continues to successfully grow their business and expand its range of services.

Dedicated team of professionals involved in development project.
Creating API so Giftery functionality can be accessed on any online device.
Development of SaaS widget for online retailers.
Support for further development of online store.


Since its inception, the online store has been constantly improved and soon became a successful outlet selling gift certificates online, the first of its kind in Russia. Currently, the company cooperates with many shops in very different retail areas, ranging from clothing to consumer appliances, including online stores. The number of available brands and labels is constantly growing.

Flexible and scalable architecture, as well as rapid and effective development, has allowed to adapt easily to rapid growth. Convenient and easy to use, the modern user interface, transparency of the system, and mobile capability ensure that has become an industry standard for processing electronic gift certificates, and the most popular resource for their sale and promotion.

Rapid growth of is result of effective design.
Creating a system with a high service transparency, modern user interface and flexible, scalable architecture.
New version of online store helped client become popular portal and industry standard for electronic processing of gift certificates.


  • Nginx
  • PHP
  • Zend Framework
  • APC
  • memcache
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • XML,
  • JSON
  • iOS SDK
  • Android SDK


  • Product development
  • Support
  • Analysis