Operating a nearshore development centre for Mavenir Systems


Сustomers in 140 countries

Mavenir Systems is a leading innovator in mobile infrastructure solutions for mobile operators to offer LTE communications services, providing IP-based core network solutions to migrate voice and messaging services to LTE.

Airwide Solutions, a provider of next-generation mobile messaging and wireless internet infrastructure, applications and solutions, outsourced projects to Reksoft before being acquired by Mavenir Systems in 2011.


The client urgently needed to shorten the time-to-market of its core products to stay competitive. The Wireless Broker™ gives continuous service control – the ability of mobile operators and service providers to react to market trends rapidly by implementing new services or service bundles, new business models, subscription types, targeted campaigns, and advertising-funded services.

Moreover, a growing number of installations around the world required additional support, such as product customizations, implementation, integration and performance testing and maintenance services. The client needed a partner offering not only software product development, testing and maintenance, but also the capability to support the company in onsite customer-facing activities on behalf of the company brand (such as customer project management, deployment, the end customer acceptance testing support, and end customer personnel training). Limited integration risked document loss and work duplication.

Client sought reduction in time to market.
Business-critical services required third-party support.
Client required partner to support company without affecting brand.


Our capabilities in mobile value-added services (VAS) and billing platforms and strong expertise in product development suited client’s requirements perfectly. The first task was to set up and operate a competence centre, undertaking recruitment, training and management. With highly qualified and motivated personnel in place, we were able to engage in product development and maintenance, product customisation for specific clients, system, integration and performance testing, product deployment and acceptance by the end customer on behalf of the client.

Throughout the project, we demonstrated a proactive approach to problem-solving backed by expert software development skills, as well as the ability to communicate ideas and engage strongly with the client’s architects. Maintaining informal communication channels, both technical and managemental, was achieved without impacting formal progress and status reporting. We developed microcontroller software to enable filling process automation.

Personnel trained in the client’s chosen disciplines.
Development, maintenance, testing and customisation undertaken.
Implementation and customer support services delivered.
Reksoft demonstrate proactive approach to problem-solving.
Communication channels maintained without impacting formal progress.


Achieving a considerable ongoing saving, the client was able to reduce the time-to-market of products that serve more than 400 million customers in 60 mobile networks worldwide. For the duration of the collaborative process, our project presence was sufficiently flexible and sensitive to avoid affecting the client’s brand identity, instead adapting to the company’s software development environment and processes.

Today, the client considers Reksoft a versatile partner capable of building the right products and making them run right the first time, every time, as well as providing excellent customer services, allowing the client to retain its edge in the highly competitive mobile service control industry. Currently there are more than 25 engineers working full-time in the nearshore centre on behalf of the client. The ability to retain these key resources while growing them into leadership roles has helped to provide continuity and scalability and helps optimise the client’s resource utilisation across projects while supporting the company in meeting deadlines for critical projects.

Client’s products’ time-to-market considerably reduced.
Reksoft’s support boosts client’s reputation.
Reksoft optimises resource utilisation while helping meet deadlines.

Currently the offshore development centre includes 5 test engineers and 3 deployment engineers.

Reksoft is responsible for:

  • Test plan development, including preparation of the effort estimation and schedule for the testing activities in distributed projects (up to 10 developers and 4 testers), preparation of the test strategy and planning of the required test phases and test procedures;
  • Definition of test cases including functional, load, performance and regression tests;
  • Conducting test case reviews with system architects and developers. Participating in architecture and design reviews;
  • System testing of both GUI and Server parts;
  • Automated performance testing, mostly server-side, which is the most critical part of the SW;
  • Test reporting;
  • Management of the distributed test team (part of the test team in Reksoft and part on the Customer side), including task allocation, progress monitoring and issue resolution;
  • Development of emulators/simulators, batch scripts and other tools used for testing purposes;
  • On-site deployment, integration tests in the end customer acceptance environment;
  • Support of acceptance tests by the end customer;
  • Go-live support.

We bear full responsibility for the client’s product customization and onsite integration in numerous deployments, gaining a profound understanding of billing concepts as well as considerable experience integrating the client’s products with billing systems by different vendors.


  • 2SE
  • Oracle RAC
  • MySQL
  • Sun Solaris
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • SMS/MMS/WAP mobile protocols


  • Alcatel PPS
  • Ericsson PPS
  • Logica CMG
  • Nokia IACC
  • Nokia Siemens Networks Payment@dvantage
  • Danet XTCPlus


  • Development center