Development of a major online information portal for Russia’s Top CIOs

CLIENT is the official online portal for Russia’s IT directors, created by the CIO Association of Russia (SODIT).

The mission of GlobalCIO is to become a working tool for all IT executives, serve as a single source of knowledge and professional networking site for them, and contribute to the development of the Russian IT community.


A number of web resources dedicated to different aspects of IT has been growing. However, the data on these portals is often scattered and not systematic and independent experts are not considered to ne a reliable source of information.

The IT executives Russian CIO Assocation made a decision to develop a relevant web portal that would help all IT senior managers in finding the relevant information on all kinds of information technology necessary to support their IT decisions. This portal had to provide adequate resources for networking and communication, knowledge transfer and experience sharing. The project was also to become a single poing of entry for all successful IT projects carried out in Russia.

A portal with a convenient and easy-to-navigate and transparent knowledge base had to be developed. It had to be intergrated with all major social networks and provide a full-text search based on different parameters.

Developing an official Internet portal for CIO Russia.
Integration of topic information into a single database.
Integration of topic information into a single database.


The main focus in the development of the portal was made on interaction tools for future users.

Faced with the immediate development of the portal, CIO Russia decided to optimize how information was distributed, to provide users with numerous opportunities to communicate and obtain the information they need. To solve this problem, a full project plan of the information and resource portal’s structure was implemented, along with a convenient, intuitive system of search and registration.

The site’s flexible and scalable architecture, as well as rapid and effective development, allowed GlobalCIO to easily adapt to the rocket-high growth in the number of users.

Therefore numerous tools for communication, information sharing and database search were introduced during the development phase. Trade publications and analytical research were made possible to read and to comment upon.

In developing the portal, Reksoft’s task also involved analysis on the further development of the system, including integrating the portal with various social networks.

Optimization of information exchange between users.
Introduction of a large number of communication opportunities between users.
System integrated with social networks.
Creation of professional IT database and weekly addition of new material.


Reksoft conceived and successfully developed

The GlobalCIO portal has already become the most popular trade information web resource that combines an IT knowledge base with communications possibiliies for IT executives. Currently, the knowledge base portal boasts more than 1,500 IT projects and more than 600 IT solutions, and the number is growing every day. Every day hundreds of professsional advice is sought on the portal.

The convenient and user-friendly user interface, transparency of the system, as well as the presence of various opportunities for communication among users, has enabled GlobalCIO to become a major official portal for IT professionals, as well as a popular service to search for all kinds of information on IT in Russia.

Reksoft supports the further technical development of the portal, while successfully expands the range of capabilities of the portal.

Creation of the leading IT portal for IT executives in Russia. now a popular search service for information on IT in Russia.
Reksoft supports the further technical development of the portal


  • Nginx
  • PHP
  • Zend Framework
  • Doctrine
  • APC
  • memcache
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Git


  • Product development and support
  • Analysis