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billion – annual turnover

Mazda Motor Logistics Europe NV is the European distribution arm of the Mazda Motor Corporation and is the company’s most important branch in Europe.


From its head office in Willebroek, Belgium, the European affiliate of Mazda Motors supplies 20 distributors across Europe with new vehicles and spare parts. Balancing speed and the quality of applications is a challenge in the simplest environment, but in a complex environment like Mazda’s, with over 20 different applications in use, detecting, isolating and resolving availability and performance issues was a real challenge.

When computer issues arose at a dealership, the dealer had to call the central service desk for help; meanwhile, customers on the forecourt were unable to complete orders or purchase new parts.

Over 20 different software applications in use.
Isolating and resolving availability and performance issues problematic.
Dealers had to call central office to resolve problems.
Delays due to IT issues hit customer service levels.


To ensure its operations ran more smoothly, Mazda acquired a sophisticated application management system called Business Availability Center (BAC). BAC is a complex and expensive tool with rich functionality, and to reach its full potential requires a level of technical know-how that was not available within the company. As a result, Mazda sought our expertise to enable comprehensive business analysis and to test its internal applications.

Our main task in this project is to provide onsite support to both Mazda’s service desk and its development department. Our trilingual software engineering specialists use BAC to control and monitor application procedures used at Mazda dealerships across Europe.

We have implemented the tool in over 10 different projects to date, and discussed monitoring scenarios with Mazda’s project managers before each one to ensure the testing requirements are met. Working with an international team of software engineers, we also generate reports on productivity for Mazda managers.

We operate BAC to analyse Mazda’s business applications.
Onsite, trilingual support provided to service desk and development department.
BAC used in more than 10 individual projects to date.
Monitoring scenarios and productivity are discussed with Mazda project managers.


Our expertise in BAC allows Mazda to automatically monitor the health of its business services and applications from the perspective of system end-users. The company is now better placed to monitor its information systems and can react more quickly when things go wrong in remote sites. This leads to increased levels of operational service, more satisfied customers and a more efficient business overall.

Incident and problem management processes more efficient and business aligned.
Accelerated problem isolation by automating standard operational processes.
Business impact measured from perspective of system end-users.
Mazda can now manage business and operational service levels proactively.


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  • HP Business Availability Center
  • HP Virtual User Generator
  • Atlassian JIRA
  • KnowledgeTree


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