Information exchange solution development and integration in a heterogeneous environment

for Klever (Infocert)


60 000

KLever, an Infocert Group company, focuses on consulting and knowledge and content management solutions. Infocert is a leading Italian Certification Authority committed to delivering innovative solutionsand outsourcing services to private and government organizations. Klever aims to become a leading supplier in the Italian market of content and process management solutions for the financial and life science market.


KLever specializes in development and deployment its own application framework under the DokCRM name. The DokCRM framework is based on Documentum and independent from any core system. DokCRM Suite is available for different vertical market: banking, insurance, telcos. The most complete suite is DokCRM for Banking, which covers three key areas: account opening, credit lending, back office payments and collections, empowering banking business processes through many competitive advantages.

KLever needed a team of highly-qualified software developers for major product components re-development and re-design capable to deliver it fast and steady. To differentiate their product from those produced by major rivals like IBM, Oracle, and Software AG, KLever needed to create an integration system with a lower cost of ownership and no licencing obligations. Increased transparency of the Committee.

Client needed to differentiate offering from larger rivals’.
Integration system had to offer low cost of ownership.
Solution needed to be free from licencing obligations.


Reksoft was chosen to provide essential software development services due to its extensive experience in creating ECM solutions and deep expertise in software product engineering. The ‘spiral’ software development lifecycle model was agreed with KLever.

Reksoft software engineers took part in the development of three major product components: the Eclipse-based graphical editor for business applications; the BPEL-processes execution environment based on the principles of service-oriented architecture (SOA); and an administrative web console, which provides functionality for operational monitoring and control of business transactions execution.

The solution was developed with the use of open source technologies and components.

Collaboration between Reksoft and KLever has been going on for six years, and the current team has proved able to maintain and develop the project, quickly getting to work and thoroughly building up knowledge and skills relating to both customer and product. Graphical editor for business applications developed based on Eclipse.

Graphical editor for business applications developed based on Eclipse.
Administrative web console provides functionality for operational monitoring.
Productive collaboration has been ongoing for 6 years.


The developed product boasts flexibility, exceptional performance and scalability, and offers a high degree of adaptation to the requirements of the end customer. Due to the usage of the open source components the final customer can independently change the application modules to fit their needs. The solution offers a relatively low cost of ownership and does not entail the cost of a license.

The user-friendly administrative web console provides the possibility to tune the company’s business logic themselves in a changing market.

Due to the use of a standardised cross-platform middleware technology based on the enterprise service bus (ESB), the solutions built with the use of KLever DokCRM Suite allow customers to integrate legacy systems into a single information environment within almost any IT infrastructure.

Moreover, Reksoft’s solution offers KLever’s customers a relatively low cost of ownership and does not entail the cost of a licence. This provides KLever with a unique selling point for their DocBank solution, and a competitive advantage over their rivals.

New offering gives KLever competitive advantage.
Solution offers low cost of ownership.
No need to purchase licence.


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  • Apache ServiceMix 3.3.1 (ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF, ODE)
  • Apache Tomcat 6.0.18
  • Java Runtime Environment 5.0
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2
  • Richfaces 3.3.2 SR1
  • Spring Framework 3.0.2
  • Eclipse IDE for RCP 3.4.2
  • BPEL editor Eclipse plug-in 0.4.0
  • Cimero2 editor Eclipse plug-in 1.0


Software product engineering