Building a brand management system using EMC documentum


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Lenze is one of Europe’s leading industrial innovators in developing electronic and mechanical drives and automation solutions.

bhn Dienstleistungs is the Germany-based IT services provider responsible for supporting Lenze’s IT functionality.


Facing the challenge of an ever-growing volume of multimedia content, Lenze required a reliable and sophisticated solution to systemise and extract value from existing data. bhn selected the EMC Documentum suite as one of the world leaders in enterprise content management. Project specifications and cost restrictions required a high-quality customisation of the platform by an experienced offshoring partner comfortable working without specific preliminary requirements.

Content such as equipment diagrams and logos, photos and other brand-related media was widely distributed across company servers and hard drives, which made it difficult for users to use and manage. There was also an issue with usage policy. Restricted content was not subject to a unified permissions policy and could be widely accessed, and even modified or deleted.

bhn needed to unify all Lenze’s brand-related content through the establishment of a centralised content storage system, import new data, and introduce full-text search capabilities. In addition, the system interface and stored data needed to be bilingual to enable access by English- and German-speaking users. The user interface also required modification to comply with corporate style guidelines.

Ever-growing volume of multimedia content.
High quality expectations and cost restrictions.
Media data widely and unsystematically distributed.
Сontent storage system required full-text search capabilities.


We carried out the design, implementation and testing of Lenze’s new brand management system. An iterative project execution model was employed to enable optimal response to evolving requirements. The solution was to use Documentum engines but Lenze’s requirements necessitated numerous customisations in building the media platform. As the system needed to be bilingual to cater to Lenze’s end users, many of these changes related to localisation.

We designed an enhanced bilingual user interface, and introduced metadata taxonomy in line with Lenze’s corporate lexicon. Documentum’s default transformation functionality was also enhanced, doubling the number of image renditions and enabling the watermarking of image files. The design, implementation and all modifications were verified by Lenze technical consultants as well as system end users, who confirmed that all solution requirements had been met.

We continued to smooth the transfer to the new brand management system by providing year-long warranty support.

New brand management system designed, implemented and tested.
Iterative project execution model employed.
We designed enhanced bilingual user interface.
We provided year-long warranty support.


We successfully implemented Lenze’s custom brand management system in a fixed-price project delivered on time and on budget. The solution benefits three specific user groups, covering 1000 users in all: the agencies that supply bhn with images; project managers who provide image metadata; and bhn’s marketing department.

Adding, accessing and searching data is now much faster for both English- and German-speaking users, thanks to a more intuitive, bilingual interface and enhanced transformation functionality.

Lenze received customised brand management system.
Fixed-price project delivered on time and on budget.
Our solution benefits 1000 users.
Adding, accessing and searching data is now substantially faster.
Bilingual interface and content.


We were looking for a partner with extended experience of Documentum. We are very satisfied with the quality of work that the Reksoft ECM professionals delivered. Cooperation was very professional and we are looking forward to further projects with the Reksoft Documentum team.


Bernd Hohler

Managing Director

bhn Dienstleistungs GmbH und Co. KG


  • EMC Documentum,
  • Oracle Database,
  • HP/UX,
  • DAM,
  • MTS,
  • VMware Server,
  • Eclipse IDE,
  • Apache POI.


  • development,
  • requirements engineering,
  • design,
  • implementation,
  • testing.