Developing a mobile portal with value-added services for Swisscom Mobile


million mobile subscribers

Swisscom Mobile is a member of Swisscom Group, Switzerland’s leading telecoms provider.


The Swisscom mobile portal was launched in 2000 in response to growing demand for value-added services (VAS) on the Swiss mobile market. Customers were excited at the prospect of using their mobile devices to retrieve real-time information like news, sports and weather updates, along with games and rich media content.

To enhance profitability, Swisscom needed to make these popular services exclusive to its post-paying subscribers, adapting the out-of-the-box version offered by Vodafone, but the Swiss firm was faced with tight time restraints. In 2002, Swisscom turned to Reksoft to help develop a unified portal infrastructure, encompassing a single customer database and billing system.

Increasing demand for VAS offered consistent revenue stream.
Exclusivity the key to profiting from sale of rich media content.
Swisscom faced with tight deadlines in developing mobile portal.


We were selected to develop the core components of Swisscom Mobile Portal VAS SDP, including modules for services definition, content provisioning, subscription management, alerting and notification.

The system we developed also plays the role of a core integration component, integrating various content providers, standard gateway software and billing. The first production release was designed to process millions of messages (both SMS and MMS) daily and serve more than 200,000 mobile subscribers.

The first version of the alert and notification platform was launched into operation early in 2003. Since then, Swisscom Mobile has been continuously developing its VAS delivery infrastructure, bringing new services to its customers.

We developed all portal core service and integration components.
First production release able to process millions of messages every day.
New components’ high compatibility enables further updates.


Today, Reksoft’s Alert platform is successfully integrated into the Vodafone Live! portal framework. Reksoft’s portal development increased Swisscom’s MMS sending performance by 500%, without any loss in system functionality. This was a crucial element for Swisscom in delivering the wide range of VAS that its subscribers had been demanding. Reksoft’s rapid turnaround reduced Swisscom’s time-to-market, while increasing overall profitability and the quality of maintenance and support.

MMS sending performance improved by 500% with full functionality.
Time to market substantially reduced.
Increase in revenues and maintenance quality.


By concentrating a big part of the maintenance & support tasks of the Vodafone Live! Portal at Reksoft, Swisscom Mobile was able to improve the overall maintenance & support quality. This is due to the high professional work and excellent reaction times in case of incidents performed by Reksoft

Markus Wüthrich

Team Leader, Implementation & Delivery, Portal Domain

Swisscom Mobile AG

The successful launch of Vodafone Live! is a milestone for Swisscom Mobile’s residential strategy. I would like to thank Reksoft team for their outstanding efforts.

Armin Oppitz

IT Project Manager

Swisscom Mobile AG


  • Sun Solaris
  • Oracle Database
  • J2EE
  • JBoss
  • Spring Framework
  • JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA
  • Maven
  • Subversion
  • StarTeam
  • Eclipse
  • ANT
  • Junit


  • Integration
  • R&D
  • Maintenance
  • Testing