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ASC Telecom is among the world’s leading suppliers of innovational software solutions for recording, analyzing and evaluating written and oral speech. For over 46 years, ASC Telecom has been engaged in developing solutions for analyzing speech communication.


The ASC Telecom company has developed its own software product intended for call centers and services whose functioning depends on efficiently replying to public calls, such as ambulance centers, fire brigades, security services, etc. Because of the large volume of work, the company, needing to improve the product and market its new versions based on the next generation technologies, decided to outsource the effort, commissioning the work from a company capable of completing it fast and highly experienced in developing solutions for mobile, stationary and IP telephone communications.

Developing new versions of the client's existing product based on the latest technologies.
The volume of work having grown, creating an added development center
Developing the new versions in the shortest possible time.
Developing a new generation product.


It was decided that the new versions of the product should mainly concentrate on the optimization of business procedures, the creation of a new technology for recording written and oral speech, quality management, speech analysis, eLearning and resource management. The new versions of the product were supposed to use the same workstations, whereas being based on new technologies. They were also supposed to be internally extended so as to work faster.

To enable the Reksoft team to appropriately start working on the new version of the product, the company had to create its own development center. While using just a few people at the start, the Reksoft team was trained at the client’s office, assisting in the support of the previous versions of the product. Later, the professional team of developers began creating and testing new versions based on new technologies and using a new architecture.

Creating a new professional team for developing, testing and supporting the product.
Using new technologies in the creation of a new level product.
Developing a new architecture for the product.
Reksoft's support of the previous versions of the product.


Reksoft development team is earnestly redesigning the architecture of the product. The client’s idea concerning bringing the product to a new level is being implemented within a reasonable amount of time, while the internal extension of its basis allows adding a new functionality to it and makes it faster.

While the new product is being developed, the client holds User-days in order to familiarize potential users with the renewed software and its added advantages.

Besides developing new versions of the ASC software, Reksoft also assures the support of the existing ones, including the universal recording solution for VOIP telephone communications that registers and archives calls, screen messages and all information pertaining to communicating with clients, while conforming to the safety standards prescribed by the laws of the European Union. The results should include the following.

The creation of new versions of the ASC product, while improving the qualification of the Reksoft team.
The implementation of the initial ASC ideas and developing a product with a new functionality.
Making the software work faster due to its being internally extended.
Familiarizing users with the capabilities of the new versions of the product.


Reksoft assures a creative approach to developing software for our company. This contract is an important part of our strategy aiming at improving the quality of ASC Telekom software products and their integration into other business procedures. Reksoft’s experience with various branches of industry makes the company ideal as our companion in developing our client base.


Gunter Mueller

President and General Director



  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 C++
  • Microsoft Build Visual Studio 2010
  • Google Protocol Buffers data interchange format
  • Eclipse
  • Google C++ Testing Framework
  • Google C++ Mocking Framework
  • JIRA
  • Java 7
  • Sip Test Studio
  • Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect
  • Microsoft Visio


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  • Testing