Reksoft offers innovative IT solutions for your business and comprehensive software development expertise. We help to adapt the company’s capabilities to the modern market, making them competitive.

Machine learning

Reksoft offers machine learning services including advanced algorithms that help organizations achieve business goals, make decisions and create innovative management models. We use methods such as pattern recognition, computational intelligence and mathematical optimization.

Microservices development

We use microservices as a distinctive method of developing software systems, which focuses on creating single-functional modules with well-defined interfaces and operations. It helps companies to become more flexible, move to DevOps and continuous testing.

Internet of things

Reksoft offers Internet of Things (IoT) services, which include consulting, development, data analysis and application management, aimed at optimizing and automating the organization’s work processes using digital technologies.

App development

We use modern technologies to create mobile applications. Our designers develop programs that combine convenience, valuable functions and innovations. These products are effective for business and useful for your customers.


We offer services that create innovative and effective solutions for different business areas, using new AR and VR technologies that can expand the boundaries of what is possible in the field of entertainment, sports, e-commerce and enterprises.

Low-code/no-code development

We use Low Code/No Code platforms that provide reliable, fast and efficient application development in all categories: web, mobile, corporate and others. This helps companies succeed in digital transformation, optimize their business and become competitive.