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Reksoft offers solutions for the products’ development of AR/VR to companies in various business areas. It is comprehensive elaborations from concept design to prototyping, creation and deployment of programs. Our team adapt each virtual or mixed reality solution to the unique business needs of a particular project. We help enterprises improve their operational efficiency, increase their return on investment and develop new strategies for interacting with customers using corporate AR/VR products.


AR and VR technologies are multifaceted and may be adapted for any case. The scope of app augmented and virtual reality is not limited to computer games: these elaborations can be successfully used in healthcare, manufacturing, retail and other industries. To do this, need to define and integrate the right strategy, technology, data, and operating model.

Augmented and virtual reality are popular and important components of the digital ecosystem. These technologies have a computer image of the real and artificial world. They help companies create the necessary software that meet digital trends and provide the best results for their existing business.

Such solutions will aid in training and practical implementation in simulated environments. The designed virtual and augmented reality models allow companies to create training and educational platforms in real time. Such technologies increase the efficiency of knowledge sharing and facilitate business decision-making processes.

Our developments of individual AR and VR solutions are suitable for remote monitoring and object control. Digital products enable businesses to automate production lines, improve inventory management, and efficiently troubleshoot problems in real time.


Reksoft developers help companies improve their business and customer interaction with the aid of immersive technologies. Our solutions are aimed at creating a realistically modeled environment.

This brings benefits to the business:

  • Improving efficiency. Regardless of the business sector, AR and VR can help it grow exponentially thanks to its features and interesting user offers, whether it is real-time monitoring of factory equipment, service provision, navigation, visualization or product presentation.
  • Workflow optimization. AR/VR solutions help automate the work in various production channels, while providing better visibility and control. Intelligent customized developments increase business productivity.
  • Reducing costs. AR/VR technologies enable companies to simplify the production process by creating virtual prototypes of products in real timing. This allows you to save time and money on testing and physical modeling of articles.

We use a balanced set of technologies in order to create optimal applications for solving any business tasks.


Reksoft helps clients determine in which cases and how AR and VR can be used in business processes, working models to achieve high results. We’ll quickly develop a prototype and implement it into the system. Our services include:

  • creating interactive AR/VR presentations;
  • multi-platform development;
  • real-time monitoring and troubleshooting;
  • mobile development of AR apps;
  • modeling physical products and data visualization;
  • support and maintenance.

Our agency employs team of experienced specialists is ready to offer a detailed algorithm of actions on how can transform your company using the capabilities of immersive technologies. Create advanced business applications with Reksoft.