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Reksoft provides services for data analytics. Companies, which we help, use information in systems to improve operations, interaction with vendors, customer care, and create personalized marketing processes that increase revenue and profit. Firms that employ big data analytics effectively have a potential competitive advantage, as it allows them to make quick and informed business decisions.

Large volume materials require sophisticated management technologies to turn research results and artificial intelligence programs into great opportunities. Reksoft will be able to take care of it.

We appropriate advanced information and business intelligence work tools to help customers extract advantage from a variety of data sets generated in real time and on a large scale. Our methods enable organizations to consolidate huge volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured matters coming from different sources into a holistic environment that can be used to model and predict new market opportunities.


Big data is structured or unstructured data arrays of large volume. They are processed by special automated tools to be used for statistics, analysis, forecasts and decision-making.

Big data is necessary to explore all significant factors and make the right management decision. It helps to build simulation models to test a particular solution, idea, product.

Features when working with big data that companies should be aware of:

    • Volume. A huge amount of data requires special processing methods to get practical information.
    • Variety. The more data sources, the more their formats, including traditional documents and databases, semi-structured and unstructured information from social networks, as well as from Internet of Things and GPS devices.
    • Velocity. Big data analytics can be done through batch processing real-time in seconds or minutes. The faster it is performed, the more reliable the approach should be.
    • Veracity. Reliability of both the data set itself and the results of its analysis.
    • Variability. Data flows have their peaks and troughs under the influence of seasons or social phenomena. The more unstable and volatile this, the more difficult it is to analyze it.
    • Value or significance. Like any information, big data can be common or complicated to perceive and analyze. An example of simple materials is posts in social networks, complex ones are finance transactions.

Big data analysis contributes to the adoption of qualified decisions to achieve high business results.


Big data is of great importance for different business sectors. Its analysis contributes to:

best understand customers;

improve operations;

conduct deeper market studying;

implement flexible supply chain management with providers;

integrate data-based innovations;

develop smarter recommendations and targeting.

Big data analytics promotes to understanding clients’ needs and satisfaction. This can further help to development new products and applications in accordance with their requirements and expectations.


We create data networks that can provide your business intelligence with factual information to make important decisions in the future.

Our approach:

  • Identification the problem. It means evaluation of the business environment and performance to denote key goals and objectives.
  • Collection information. Rising data in different formats from various sources to achieve goals.
  • Preparation of the data. It means evaluation the quality of it and delete inaccurate records to structure for further analysis.
  • Studying data. Development of analytical algorithms to get useful information for making decisions.
  • Implementation the business solutions. Integration of analytical algorithms into production environment to unlock new opportunities.
  • Confirmation of results. Constant evaluation the effectiveness of algorithms and do adjustments if necessary.

We collect massive levels of information on the use of vehicles and ITS, as well as apply artificial intelligence processing, which leads to the creation of forecasting mechanisms for preventive maintenance, analysis of the service life of spare parts and other strategy data to make more effective management.


We give consulting and create solutions to collect, process, clean up and transform it for automated and optimized analysis.

Our services:

  • analytics;
  • modeling;
  • process management;
  • software development.

Our solutions can help to migrate existing data and integrate it with third-party systems to make administration the biggest comprehensive and streamlined. We help to organize and to store huge amounts of materials in architecturally sound databases that optimize space usage, processing time, and security. Our programs convert information from numbers into convenient graphs, maps and charts.

Improve your business with Reksoft team.