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Reksoft offers microservice development for creating large and complex applications. Products released using this technology are designed faster and managed as a combination of small modules that work together to improve the functionality of the entire apps.

Microservice architecture or microservices is a special method of developing software systems that runs on the principle of creating single-functional modules with well-defined interfaces and operations. This approach has got popular because businesses are looking to become more flexible and switch to DevOps and continuous testing. It is based on a single application built from a variety of loosely coupled small components that support independent deployment.

How it works

Modular architecture software bases on splitting one application into a number of smaller services, each of which runs in its own process and interacts with simplified arrangements. Reksoft develops microservices taking into account business opportunities that can be deployed independently using an automatic mechanism. The architecture of it requires minimal management of these services, built in different programming languages and applying various data storage technologies.

Microservices have:

  • own technology stack, including a database and a data management model;
  • interaction with each other through API, event streams and message agents;
  • isolated business functions using a limited context.

Instead of a monolithic product, this method builds independent applications that can work separately. It may be created using various platforms. It allows structuring big and complex applications applying simple and independent programs that run on their own. These small parts are grouped to replace all the functions of a large monolithic app.


Using microservices gives many additional benefits to both developers and companies that apply these technologies. Its main advantages are:

  • Multiple services can be deployed independently in different environments, such as on-premises or cloud.
  • It may be developed regardless based on functionality. If any of the services fails, the other will continue to work, as this isolates the failure of the failed part.
  • In microservices, it is easier to scale individual components, since this is not required for the entire application.
  • Different technologies can be used to design various modules in the same app.
  • Updating the code requires less effort. There is no need to rebuild the entire application to add new components or functions.
  • Independent scaling of parts allows reducing the loss of time and money associated with scaling the entire program due to a single component that creates excessive load.

Microservices help to pinpoint the business scenario and solve the necessary problem to achieve the goal.


Reksoft solutions based on modular software allow managing apps, organize them and process the created data quickly and efficiently. We design web developments with a view to the future, making easily scalable and flexible cloud applications — and integrating them with the rest of your business — from the very beginning.

We offer the development of microservices architecture that rely on the following methods:

  • DevOps;
  • automation;
  • CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery);
  • API-oriented projects.

Each case of creation a microservice architecture for companies is individual. There is no universal set of tools that would allow getting all the advantages of it. Reksoft offers the services of a multifunctional team with experience in developing stable, scalable and high-performance distributed architectures for coding each individual microservice and combining them all into a single application for business improvement.