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The low-code and no-code development (LCNC) and platforms that Reksoft creates allow you to make mobile or web applications using ready-made modules. Employing these tools, it is possible to design systems that meet the company’s goals applying available templates that easily connect to each other, providing continuous customer service.

Reksoft aids enterprises digitize, deploy and automate business processes, save resources and achieve operational superiority among competitors. Coding is optional for this.

Opportunities of LCNC applications

Low-code software is capable of automating many business processes and tasks. This increases the productivity and profitability of the company. Such software program can be fast modified taking into account the unique needs of each client.

The flexibility of LCNC digital platforms and special applications allows our specialists to create products and apps for large enterprises, manage complex business processes, ensure uninterrupted of all operations in production, optimize data processing, etc.

No-code developments are used to design programs and point solutions to handle simpler functions. Low-code products can be applied to make apps that are part of the company’s core systems or run critical processes.


LCNC development provides quick application delivery with minimal manual coding and fast setup. Such platforms supply:

  • Effective risk management and corporate governance. A low-code product allows you to make changes quickly. It allows meeting regulatory requirements and be ahead of time.
  • Ease of deployment, updating and integration in the system. Low-code products easily and simply adapt to changes. Thanks to the ability to modify the order of system components, remove or add new elements, the response to sudden and situations becomes flexible and fast.
  • Cost reduction. Thanks to the ability to create more applications in less time, prices are cut. Low-code products reduce the need for more IT staff, shortening salary costs.
  • Improving customer service. Low-code development helps organizations adapt to client needs. The high speed of platforms and apps increases customer satisfaction.
  • Elevated performance and maneuverability. Low-code development gets you to create more applications in less time. The digital speed of the products allows you to work equally productively on multiple devices, be it a smartphone or a PC.

LCNC solutions are developed as for mobile apps and so complex corporate operating systems.


Reksoft offers low-code development for large companies, medium and small organizations in various countries. Our developers will help you create products to achieve high business results. We propose:

  • Consultations and preparation of proposals for digital transformation;
  • Development, installation and technical support of software;
  • Outsourcing of specialists from dedicated centers.

Our developers can create a product from scratch or work out individual elements of the system taking into account the needs of your company.

Upgrade software and scale business capabilities.