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Reksoft helps companies to become more competitive and to improve business by implementing IoT solutions. We provide clients with comprehensive services, starting with the integration of the right sensors and ending with the development of the most suitable digital platform. We enable organizations to:

  • Connect and scale efficiently.
  • Collect and analyze data and draw decisions based on it.
  • Optimize and transform business operations.
  • Use artificial intelligence in the process of work.
  • Design, deploy and manage IoT.
  • Completely integrate the Internet of Things products with the existing enterprise architecture.

Our relevant and unique software development services will help increase your business value and efficiency while reducing operating and maintenance costs. Reksoft can provide optimal solutions for all your Internet of Things requirements.

Areas of application of the IoT

The Internet of Things applies in many sectors of the economy (in manufacturing, logistic, energy, finance and trade, etc.), it contributes to the sustainable development of business. IoT makers use digital devices in healthcare and in the field of ensuring safety. Providers are able to improves the quality of life thanks to modern network technologies.

Our end-to-end IoT solutions empower smart industries, lifestyles, and businesses, and enable real-time interaction between assets, operations, logistics, and services. The Internet of Things employs to increase uptime and optimize actions, rise security by remote monitoring and create a developed infrastructure.


IoT facilitates the work of many departments in various areas of private and public companies. It allows you to monitor production and equipment, warehouse and logistics in real time. Automation of processes reduces errors related to the human factor and abates costs. The Internet of Things gives businesses the following advantages:

  • cutting the production cycle;
  • decreasing operating expenses;
  • optimizing supply chains and document flow;
  • decreasing the number of forced equipment downtime;
  • introduction of robotics and reducing the human error factor;
  • improving product quality and customer satisfaction.

The IoT modernizes, updates and improves firms.


IoT platforms serve as a bridge between the device’s sensors and the data network. It is an auxiliary software that connects peripheral equipment, access points and data transmission tools with other parts of the chain. They process and analyze information in real time and manage plugged devices.

They have a few more key functions:

  • Data integration. The platform combines the information received from the Internet of Things with amounts from production systems and corporate applications into a centralized storage.
  • Process integration. In the digital ecosystem of the enterprise, the Internet of Things is enabled into work operations. The platform integrates the business logic of the IoT into other systems and uses the collected data in workflow management.
  • Analytics. The platform can be connected to third-party systems to create algorithms and various models for data studying.
  • Development of specialized applications. Platforms help to develop annexes for solving production tasks. Applications can connect to IoT network devices and collect process data and eliminate sources of errors in production.

It is able to evolve into more complex platforms and integrated solutions.


Reksoft has extensive experience in assisting customers in the development, production and operation of connected devices. We offer:

  • Consulting and formulation of solutions.
  • Creating and installation of intelligent platforms.
  • Comprehensive connectivity devices.

We develop applications to accelerate business results and scale flexible deployments with real-time data and provide support after the introduction of products into the system.

Simplify the monitoring of assets, documents and facilities with Reksoft IT solutions and achieve greater transparency and control of the company network to improve management and to get advantages.