IT solution in transport

Reksoft provides tools for digital logistics transformation to reduce costs, improve client service and enhance the efficiency of delivery. We create customized software development solutions in this industry and meet the needs of customers and companies to simplify takeaway, better operations or automate reporting.

We can develop and implement your logistics digitalization strategy to help optimize the flow of passengers and goods, improve customer service, cut costs and minimise risk.


Efficiency, optimization, speed and timeliness have crucial in logistics and transportation. Digital transformation promotes to change existing processes by adapting business to market requirements. Digitalization in transport and logistics can help the industry advantages from the development of technology to gain a competitive privilege. This brings benefits to companies:

Improved visibility and overall planning. Get instant alerts, extensive logistics performance data, and greater transparency of the entire supply chain.

Reduction of freight expenses and optimization of working capital. Digitization reduces transportation costs by improving communication, smarter planning, and substantial responsiveness.

Service improvement. Stricter logistics planning and closer cooperation with carriers help to maintain a high level of customer provider.

Reduced administration time. IT modules help to get rid of time-consuming manual management in favor of automated transactions that save duration, from invoicing freight to manually booking shipments and agreeing on delivery dates.


Our software systems for logistics provide a number of IT solutions to achieve customers’ business goals. These products help companies:

  • Improve efficiency, planning, delivery and shipment times.
  • Simplify real-time tracking and management.
  • Reduce transportation, navigation and operating costs.
  • Optimize communications and reporting.
  • Automate processes and systems.
  • Optimize route planning and booking of transport services.
  • Find and track cargo and goods using electronic means.
  • Coordinate warehouse, shipment, distribution and transportation management.
  • Monitor and optimize all electronic systems and processes.

We develop digital management platforms and multicomponent applications for transport and logistics companies that automate all the necessary updating activities for more than a hundred routine work operations, create systems based on photoanalytics and machine learning technologies founded on advanced deep neural networks.

Digital transformation from Reksoft in transportation is the promotion and modify of elements, administrations and entire action plans with the help of computer innovations. This is the way to use technology to create new products or make transforms to the existing system, production processes and user experience in accordance with the changing needs of the company and the market.

We can develop and implement your logistics strategy to help optimize the flow of passengers and goods, improve customer service, cut costs and minimise risk.

Digitalize transport business with Reksoft.