Developing a consolidated corporate reporting system for Russian Railways


Thousand employees
1 %
Of all transportation in Russia

Russian Railways is one of the biggest railway companies in the world, operating 85,500 km of track and employing 1.2 million staff. Russian Railways carries nearly 1.3 billion passengers each year and accounts for over 3.6% of Russia’s GDP, shipping 1.3 billion tons of freight per annum.


Russian Railways is a large holding company with numerous subsidiaries specializing in container and freight shipments, the manufacture and maintenance of track equipment and rolling stock, research and project design. Every day it receives substantial volumes of financial documents from its different subsidiaries and departments.

With the number of documents running into tens of millions, a major problem emerged – the legacy system was failing to analyze the stored information. As a state-owned joint stock company, Russian Railways is obliged to provide the government and the company’s stakeholders with reports on a regular basis.

With the emphasis on business transparency, Russian Railways demands extra requirements from its corporate reporting system. In order to meet these needs and enable its reporting system to operate with large amounts of master and transaction data, Russian Railways needed to invest in the development of a new consolidated corporate reporting system based on a SAP solution.

Client responsible for financial reporting to government.
Client’s legacy system unable to analyze financial documents.
Legal considerations demanded consolidated corporate reporting system.


We were tasked with deploying a SAP-based corporate reporting system. Tools were developed for data extraction, transformation and loading from the SAP ERP system. A data warehouse was deployed boasting precise data staging. This can be used to generate flexible reports on the basis of corporate and government stipulations. Our SAP Practice also participated in the development of extraction tools for extracting sell-and-buy book-related data from SAP source systems, and in modeling and implementing a core data staging model for them, which required both ABAP development and BI functional configuration knowledge and experience.

Mechanisms developed to extract and transform data from system.
Data warehouse created to store data.
Core data staging model introduced.


Our collaboration resulted in Russian Railways obtaining a powerful tool for operating data array. The SAP business intelligence system helped the company accelerate business processes and improve efficiency, particularly in its financial department. Our integration project ensured that the customer received a robust and reliable corporate reporting system that meets government requirements for transparent business processes, without disrupting Russian Railways’ continuing operations.

Solution accelerates business processes.
Corporate reporting system compliant with governmental requirements.
Integration performed without affecting Russian Railways’ core business.


  • SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence


  • Application development
  • Application maintenance
  • Systems integration