Digital business transformation

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Reksoft is a modern IT-agency working since 1991. We carry out software development for organizations in the private and public sector and know how to make a digital transformation professionally and to build up an enterprise architecture. Thanks to our large experience, we can create and use safe specialized centers of planning and building new software to realize huge and critically important projects.

The company has its main office in Moscow and also offices throughout the Europe that allows us to collaborate with the clients from all over the world and also provide our services remotely on outsourcing.

We find professional solutions to the tasks made that is demonstrated by the loyalty level of our clients which is 97%. During the collaboration, we involve the customer in the process that gives him an opportunity to understand the analyses, discussions, developments and implementations that are carried out. After finishing the project, the client still has a full IT support with our specialists.


We create future-proof services based on the latest digital advances.

IT and digital transformation consulting

We find new digital opportunities to carry out the automation of work processes, to meet strategic requirements of the company and to reach business goals with the help of IT transformation.

Digital product and services design and development

We implement the development of platforms and applications from scratch, providing the improvement for the firm with effective complex solutions.

Support, maintenance and operations

At every working stage we test quality, provide helpdesk and monitor the operations carried out.

Dedicated centers

We create specialized expert groups to meet the requirements of software suppliers and firms. If necessary, we collaborate with outsourcing employees who increase the competitive ability of your business in form of specially created teams.




Years on the market


Successful projects

Projects in digital



Fundamental analysis

We study carefully the eco-system of the organization to integrate software and start with those points that need to be optimized. Visual concepts, prototypes and simplified solutions allow to get the maximum possible output from the resources invested in the market testing.

Proper tool for work

Thanks to its own elaborations, we create and start you project rapidly, choosing an easy and economical solution. Then we build the work based on business metrics. We are ready to offer our clients a choice of a platform, self-written and individually created solutions.

Trasparency in collaboration

Professional wisdom, constant communication with the client and sure company’s infrasctucture allow us to find a proper solution to optimize the business work. Reksoft’s advanced tools help to meet the customer’s requirements and act according to the changing demands and conditions of the market.

Digital strategy

We evaluate the market tendencies, analyze the organization in order to identify the growth points and use digital approach to maintain the business’s competitive ability in the future.

Flexibility and Continuity

We guarantee an accelerated start of the project and consistent integration, managed at the stage of exploitation.


The company’s technology and specialized scalable teams give the opportunity to control precisely the expenses, modify the strategy if necessary, meeting the business’s requirements now and in the future.

In order to order the software development and digital transformation services, leave an application on website or call the phone +7 495 926 17 71. The company’s employee will respond on any question you have and consult you if necessary.


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