IT solutions for digital transformation in oil and gas

Reksoft’s digital technologies can improve business in different areas, including the oil and gas industry. Digitalization of the energy sector increases productivity and reducing capital and operating costs in companies.

Reksoft offers a strategic roadmap that is able to help oil and gas firms evaluate work and determine the digital direction to achieve specific goals.

We can unify scattered offices into a single information space to pave the route for efficient operation, control, and resource accounting. We may also automate of the way technical areas are managed, eliminate the risk of human error and reduce IT project costs.


The goal of computerization is to transform the company’s operating model by digitizing the main and auxiliary functions. Here are just a few ways that the oil and gas industry is able to benefit from the introduction of these technologies:

Improved decision-making. IT technologies can simplify the solution-taking process, allowing to work on more important business tasks.

Cost reduction. Rising profits is the goal of any company. IT solutions can optimize everyday processes and reduce operating costs and will increase profitability.

Rise productivity. Elimination gaps and right technology will simplify everyday operations and affect the efficiency of the production chain.

Predictive analytics helps the energy industry identify problems and increase business sustainability.


Digitalisation improves the quality of service to customers and make the firm more capacity. It increases the effectiveness of business processes by collecting high-quality data, turning it into analytical information and ideas for actions that rise the performance and cost savings.

Possible solutions for energy sector digital transformation:

  • Use of automated operations. Digitization technologies computerize the workflow, allowing operators to focus on making decisions.
  • Creation and use of multidimensional intelligence layouts, modification tools and algorithms of the machine production process.
  • Applying the digital model, with integrated operational, financial and commercial data allows the entire framework to be optimized for availability and throughput to meet commitments and obligations.
  • Using IT technologies to monitor large amounts of sensor information received throughout the system, to predict maintenance needs and significantly reduce the number of unplanned events.

Reksoft’s solutions and software development can help the oil and gas industry realize its digital transformation goals.



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