Developing a customer mobile app for a large federal gas stations chain


One of the largest gas station chains in Eastern Europe with 1900+ locations across several countries. Each station offers a centralized set of fuel options, customer goods selection, and additional roadside services for drivers.


The customer mobile app for Gazpromneft gas stations was created as a delivery method for the chain’s loyalty program.

Create a quick and convenient way for customers to access their loyalty card and gas stations relevant information.

Drive customer loyalty and introduce new methods of using the gas station services

Expand the customer base and drive their customer metrics.

Create a unified information space for customers.


In order to speed up the project launch and Time-to-Market, a separate cross-functional team was created which included a product owner, scrum master, iOS and Android developers, designers, analysts and testers.

By moving in bi-weekly sprints, the team was implementing a complete functional unit, which was then made available to customers through the App Store and Google Play.

60+ updates were released on both platforms for 20 months of the active development phase.

60 updates
were released from February, 2017, till October, 2018

The app offered the following functionality:

  • Providing users with discounts on fuel via a barcode directly from the app.
  • Online information about the customer’s loyalty card balance, membership status and shopping list.
  • Display of current fuel prices for each gas station.
  • Information on promotions and special offers valid at selected gas stations.
  • Regional promotions and special offers across the network;
  • 24/7 live support chat.
  • The ability to rate gas stations using different criteria and to leave a comment with a photo or video.
  • Fetailed information about each gas station, with a list of additional services and the ability to find the best route to them.
  • Integrating augmented reality into nationwide promotions.


1 million+ users

have downloaded the app from App Store and Google Play

Award from an IT Executives community

“For continuous customer-focused digital transformation” from Global CIO 2018 contest.

46 000 customers have rated the app

Average App Store rating — 4.6, Google Play — 4.2