Reksoft & RnDTechConf: Sponsorship and Participation

On September 12, RnDTechConf IT conference combined with SouthDevFest was held in Rostov-on-Don. The conference was sponsored by Reksoft, and Zurab Bely, Head of the company’s Java practice, conducted one of the most popular workshops of the event called “Is there life after Senior?”. He shared his takes on possible IT career development options and presented who these areas are suitable for, what needs to be studied and what opportunities it might present.

30+ talks and master classes on seven topics were presented at the conference, covering the entire spectrum of information technologies — from development to management. Reksoft’s employees of the Rostov and Voronezh offices have participated in almost all of the program points. 

In total, more than 700 IT specialists from ten cities of Russia and neighboring countries took part in the conference. Five large tents and several dozens of booths with Rostov IT companies, including Reksoft, were scattered around a large pool. 

Reksoft booth visitors were engaged in solving logic and mathematical problems, playing competitive Jenga made especially for Linux users, and taking part in a photo competition.

These activities piqued the interest of conference visitors. Of course, they were generously rewarded with prizes for participation.

RnDTechConf was one of the first offline events after the pandemic. Its success and popularity were ensured primarily by the high grade of organization and the continuing rapid growth of the regional information technology market, and not just the longing for ‘live’ socialization among its visitors.

“Although we have been in Rostov for less than two years, the progress in the development of urban and regional IT communities is clearly visible to us,”— said Alexander Slobodenyuk, head of the Reksoft Rostov division. — “Reksoft plans to proceed in active participation in the development of the local IT sphere both by supporting events like this and by creating comfortable working conditions and professional growth for IT specialists of all levels.”