Reksoft and Otkritie Bank have received a Golden Lion National Award

Reksoft and Otkritie Bank project in creating an enterprise banking architecture has received many critical acclaims from the banking community. As a result, it has been awarded a Golden Lion — a national banking industry prize in ‘Management systems’ nomination.

Проект банка «Открытие» и ИТ-компании «Рексофт» получил Национальную банковскую премию «Золотой лев»

Otkritie Bank was one of the first banks in Russia to implement Orbus Software iServer platform for its Enterprise Architecture foundation.

IT landscape of Otkritie Bank has been a conglomeration of IT solutions inherited from previously acquired banks. In January 2019, B&N Bank was taken over by Otkritie Bank. The combined IT architecture, as a result, began to include 700+ IT systems and services.

The bank’s architecture office recommended further development of 215 IT systems. The remaining solutions were to be disabled without loss of critical data and processes.

During the work process, it became clear that successful development of IT infrastructure required a special-purpose toolset to structure all of the technical applications and services and create a qualitative basis for effective IT architecture management.

‘Assets merging is an emerging trend on the financial markets. Many of the enterprise banks are handling the complex task of correctly implementing the IT landscape from the merged assets in order to subsequently unify and manage it as a single space system. We see this award as a recognition of our successful work supplemented by Reksoft expertise’ — Andrew Zalmanov, Vice President, IT Architecture Chief at Otkritie Bank.

‘The project for Otkritie was the first in Russia to feature iServer platform architecture. We are grateful to our partner for trusting us with such a challenging task. Thanks to that project, Reksoft attracts other enterprises’ attention to the implementation of enterprise architecture systems.’ — Ilya Kravchuk, Head of Enterprise Architecture functional direction at Reksoft — ‘I want to highlight that Otkritie bank follows the global trend in the digital transformation when the change management on the architectural level is equally essential to the digital tech changes themselves».