Digital freight forwarder and Reksoft win GlobalCIO|DigitalExperts’ “Project of the Year 2019” contest

Reksoft and digital freight forwarder won in the “Logistics. Experts Choice” category of GlobalCIO|DigitalExperts’ “Project of the Year 2019” contest.

The “Project of the Year 2019” contest is organized by a professional community of digital transformation leaders called GlobalCIO|DigitalExperts. This was the first contest in the history of the Russian IT industry in which companies’ project achievements were assessed directly by Russian IT directors. This year there were more than 220 entries from Russia and the CIS. Of these, 193 IT projects qualified and were entered into the competition, where they received 414 comments. More than 1,400 votes from professional IT-community participants were received for the projects in the contest.

The project by the digital freight forwarder was selected as the winner in the “Logistics” category, in which 8 different projects in this field were submitted for judgment by the professional community. The project by the digital freight forwarding platform, carried out in a technological partnership with Reksoft, was selected by experts as one of the best matches to definition of “Digital transformation for increasing a company’s competitiveness”.

Usually multimodal freight transportation is organized in the following way: the freight forwarder contacts the carriers/agents for the necessary destination, selects the best price, arranges the complete transportation chain and sends a quote to the client. As a result, the process takes a lot of time, and the result may be not optimal in terms of time and cost. The creation of the platform was a digital business transformation project which set the freight forwarder’s routine operations on digital rails. The solution automatically determines potential routes and the cost of transportation using various modes of transport, so the customer simply chooses the best option.

“ is an innovation on the multimodal transportation market. The joint team of and Reksoft has created the first Russian general logistic services aggregator and one of the first systems in the world to combine our years of experience of freight forwarding with modern technologies,” said Nikolai Potapov, head of Reksoft’s department of business development, commenting on the victory. “Currently has millions of rates for a range of transportation. Dozens of companies around the world enter their proposals directly into the system, and online calculation is already in operation for transportation between China, Vietnam, the USA, India, the EU and Russia. The system’s geographical coverage is constantly expanding.”

“ is now actively involved in transforming international transportation. Here, by definition, all players cooperate and compete on a global level. One thing is for sure: the stratification of companies by digital characteristics is only going to increase. So, for us as a Russian project on the international market, it is critical to learn to work in new ways right now, breaking the stereotype that Russia has great engineers, but more meager actual business results. This stereotype is very outdated, but public opinion is still highly inert. Therefore, it is very important for Russian companies to learn to show our successes through contests like “Project of the Year 2019”, for example. Our team is grateful to the GlobalCIO|DigitalExperts community for their high assessment of our digital platform,” noted Denis Zarin, product director of