Reksoft rolls out an Enterprise Architecture system for Otkritie Broker

Otkritie Broker, one of the leading investment companies in Russia, has completed the first stage of Enterprise Architecture implementation. Reksoft, one of the leading Russian software developers, became the technological partner to the project. The project uses Orbus Software iServer platform, which is included in the list of world leaders in Enterprise Architecture (EA) solutions, according to Gartner.

“Otkritie Broker operates in the investment segment of the financial market, whose clients are very demanding with respect to convenience and technological level of service. The company remains one of the leading participants in the stock market in Russia and has a client base of over 270K clients. “Our strategy is based on a continuous improvement of services and launch of new fintech products and services for our customers. The main task of the joint project with Reksoft was to improve the speed and the quality of analysis of new business initiatives and reduce the Time-to-Market for new projects by 30%” – commented the goals of the project Mikhail Khlavna, CIO of Otkritie Broker JSC. 

“During the Enterprise Architecture implementation we have integrated the work of our IT specialists from different departments in a single information environment: business analysts, architects, DevOps engineers, technical writers. We introduced iServer into our work on the new projects and support initiatives for the current services. The new system allows us, first of all, to solve the following challenges: design new products and services improving the customer journey and attending to our customers in the best possible way as well as to receive well-reasoned answers to such important questions as, for example: “What business services and processes and to what extent will the shutdown / change in the operation of one or another IT object (servers, tables, databases, etc.) affect? ​​”,” Why is the number of IT staff exactly like this ?”, – commented Daria Shulgat, Head of the Analysis and Testing of Otkritie Broker IT department – In the near future, we will get a clear picture of what systems and infrastructure are used by the company’s departments, what documents are processed in which systems, what processes don’t yet function in the digital channels. And this is only part of the opportunities that the new Enterprise Architecture opens up in terms of implementing permanent digital change for our business.

The system uses the Orbus Software iServer platform recognized by user reviews as the best Enterprise Architecture (EA) product, according to Gartner. TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) was chosen as a reference methodology in the framework of the project for the implementation and configuration of the system. At the same time, the project also took into account and utilized all the current developments in IT architecture management of the Otkritie Broker team.

The iServer platform was configured in accordance with the Enterprise Architecture methodology. It included structuring the repository for storing architectural artifacts, configuring the roles of system users, and developing templates for modeling. A metamodel and a set of artifacts have been defined for the current needs of architectural practice, and a modelling agreement setting out the rules for this process in the company was introduced. As a result, an architectural repository was configured to include data on such components of the architecture as the organizational structure, key business processes, information systems and data on their interaction, and configuration units of the technological architecture.

The team of the project systematized elements of the Enterprise Architecture framework for initial loading. The job descriptions of employees included timely updating of the created repository and assigned each of them responsibility for certain architectural domains. This will allow filling the repository on all layers of the architecture in a short time without allocating additional resources and start using the iServer analytical tool in order to get end-to-end analysis.

“One of the main objectives of the project was not just training more than 20 Otkritie Broker employees to work with the new tool, but to create a full-fledged internal Enterprise Architecture practice. So, the skills to perform analysis of the influence and dependencies of any components registered in the system were seriously boosted: from strategic (goals, principles, requirements, etc.) to technological, as well as forming models (from solution to enterprise) for making managerial decisions,” said Ilya Kravchuk, Head of Enterprise Architecture of Reksoft.

Sourse: CNews