Reksoft experts will mentor students in the IT Solutions School

On September 22, our experts joined the IT Solutions School, an accelerator of IT projects for students of 8-11 school grades.

The IT Solutions School is a charity project based at the St. Petersburg Governor’s Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №30. Teams of 2-4 children participate in the program. They make their own IT products aimed at solving social issues via applications, websites, devices, chat bots, etc.

A team of Reksoft experts will help and guide the students through the process of creating their first IT solutions. Reksoft employees from St. Petersburg, Voronezh, and Moscow joined the program. Last academic year, all the project work with the kids was held online due to the COVID outbreak, and the project executives have decided to accept online mentoring methods as working ones for this academic year as well.

“For several years, I have been teaching Java programming for beginners in Voronezh, including at the State University. I believe that the transfer of live practical experience from a specialist to a beginner is important for the preservation of national engineering DNA. I am glad that I can apply my experience with younger kids who are interested in IT in the Solutions School. Reksoft has always taken an active role in employees nurturing, so we’re extremely excited to join the project, ” – Zurab Bely, Head of Java Practice at Reksoft.

“The project was launched in St. Petersburg for the second time. Last year, 50 children took part in the accelerator. Practice has shown that the support of IT experts is essential to achieving impactful results. The school kids appropriate the correct development processes, they adopt first-hand experience, understand the details, which means that there is a high probability that they will connect their future with the IT industry and will be more focused on building their educational path, ”- Ekaterina Luzina, IT Solutions School project manager.