O’KEY mobile app won a platinum award as «Best SocialLifestyle App»

The Best Mobile App Awards journey started in 2012. The strategy has always been to focus on recognizing great apps and app developers. As led by a web and mobile developer, The Best Mobile App Awards fully understands the process it takes to get a new mobile app recognized and into the public spotlight.

Very few mobile apps gain popularity quickly. With this in mind, The Best Mobile App Awards was built as the platform to showcase and feature the latest and greatest apps all in one place rather than having to search and scroll through thousands of apps in the app stores.

«O’KEY» was the first among food retailers in Russia to launch an online store and offer customers a full range of goods and home supplies as in traditional hypermarket. E-commerce platform simplified grocery shopping routine and helped thousands of clients save time for important things.

With the new mobile family option, any customer can offer family access to the shopping cart in the app or on the website to fill in groceries together. The option is very easy to use, so anyone can be a part of the process. Complete the full list of items once and make it your family template for a weekly order.

Along with this, O’KEY mobile app was improved with scanning barcode option. From now on you can scan barcodes of the run out items and automatically add them to your shopping cart. The O’KEY mobile app is free for download in AppStore and Google Play.