Reksoft CEO looks behind the hype at Big Data 2019

October 16, 2019. Reksoft, one of Russia’s leading software developers, took part in Big Data 2019, organized by Open Systems Russia and held in St. Petersburg for the first time.

Reksoft CEO Alexander Egorov was one of the experts invited to “Digital transformation: behind the hype”, the forum’s key roundtable. A summary of his comments is below:

“For several years now, we’ve been hearing a lot of talk about digital transformation. It’s become clear that the people involved have very different ideas about both the term and the changes in technology and business that are behind it – and analysis of real-life case studies confirms this.

“Many experts consider that hopes for revolutionary improvements in business efficiency as a result of digital transformation are unjustified, especially the optimistic predictions we see in the press.

“Reksoft has been involved in digital transformation projects since 2010. Our experience includes both overseas projects and work with Russian clients. We develop strategies for both the private and public sector, combining diverse business goals into a comprehensive digital transformation plan. While each organization we’ve worked with approaches the challenges of transformation in its own way, very often we find we can apply our experience from different industries to enrich individual projects.”