Trading application development

Reksoft provides a full range of services for trading application development, digital business transformation, creation of information systems and software. We make and deploy flexible program architectures with microservices. This contributes to the smooth integration of internal and third-party services. We create, configure and integrate trading software that optimizes daily activities, automates formalized tasks and significantly reduces costs.


Using modern methods and data, our marketplace solutions aid firms rethink their business model, manage risks, redefine workplace strategies, improve operational efficiency, and more. We can help you prepare for the digital future. Our products have the following advantages:

Increasing business efficiency thanks to improved trading software and more flexible working methods.

Rising productivity, as well as reduce the total cost of expenses.

Making the work more transparent and faster.

Improving system architecture and scale operations.

Reksoft specialists’ prototype, design and deliver high-quality trading software. Our experience and proven methodology will allow you to get stable, secure, high-performance and cost-effective developments.


Reksoft specialists will develop and configure products for customers from standard blocks that implement logic specific to your business. We integrate into the system components such as execution mechanisms, portfolios, interfaces for investors, trading algorithms, the ability to connect to cryptography and traditional exchanges. We provide services for the integration, updating and technical support of the software. Our trade solutions include:

  • Development of digital banking programs.
  • Creation of money transaction platforms.
  • Integration with external systems (exchanges, brokers, trading platforms) and data sources.
  • Stock trading software development.
  • Applications testing and automation.
  • Online connecting most financial protocols, messaging apps and frameworks.
  • Development of financial web and mobile apps.
  • Maintenance and modernization of existing services.
  • Microservice programming for e-commerce, and brokerage software and much more.

We ensure the safe development and operation of the system after release and use the latest security and compliance methods. Our developers employ Agile, code validation, continuous integration and other methodologies to create high-quality products at each iteration.


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