IT solution and software for media

Reksoft specialists develop innovative software for media, adapted to the unique needs of our customers. We help get the most out of the latest technology to achieve business goals.

We offer IT solutions to effectively manage the flow of information, automate production and organize electronic data transmission. Reksoft developments will help to check your business — from content creation and publishing to analytics monitoring. You get control over copyrights, quick access to data and analysis.


Thanks to advantages, dynamic products and services, and a flexible business model, traditional media companies can redefine their place in the market as relevant and profitable players.

Reksoft helps media rethink their activities, focusing on achieving sustainability, relevance and flexibility in modern conditions. Our developments aid you get the benefits:

To protect existing revenues.

To increase profitability.

To quickly respond to market challenges.

To remain competitive in the future.

To achieve a stable leading position by new digital business model.

We create solutions that contribute to expanding the reach of the audience and consumers, reducing labor-intensive work and automating the workflow, and also cutting the time to create content. Programs are ease of use, capable of delivered via various channels and be adapted for computer, tablet and mobile devices.


With the help of Reksoft software development, media companies can increase revenue and save money.
We offer different solution for successful digitalization:

  • Cross-platform development.
  • Providing increased personalization and reducing multiservice friction by combining disparate.
  • Cost-effective management of multimedia content.
  • Unhindered archiving and extraction of broadcast files and video materials.
  • Content services into one differentiated user interface.
  • Integration of new modules and applications into the system.
  • Creation of a multi-sided media platform.

We can help traditional media companies transform and rediscover audiences and market opportunities.

Let us know your needs and we aid to develop a digital strategy that will take your business to the next level.