Digital Solutions for Entertainment

Entertainment became a digital-first industry, especially during year 2020. Questions on how to manage entertainment content — from production to delivery — require powerful digital transformation paradigms.

We unite exceptional development standards, cutting edge technology vision and customer-first business approach to implementing award-winning entertainment solutions.

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Your entertainment content needs to be managed. With more and more events happening online, the needs of web and mobile audiences require businesses not just to stay relevant, but to anticipate emerging demands and propose the most convenient customer solution.

This is the business of rapid digital breakthroughs that impact the global recreational paradigm. We can help you to stay up to that pace, assess your priorities, and adjust your digital strategy to gain a competitive advantage.

How we help

We aim for your service to achieve digital excellence by providing these offerings:

Digital Transformation Strategy

We assess your greater goals and propose comprehensive strategy that quantifies each step towards their fulfillment.

Content Management Solutions

We design and implement various paradigms of content production, distribution, processing and delivery — on every medium available.

E-Commerce Solutions

Entertainment is a commercial field of business, and we completely understand the methods of making your consumers engage with your products via relevant digital retail technology.

Online Streaming & Video Delivery

Remote entertainment will stay relevant even after the global pandemic will settle down. At its core, lie streaming and on-demand video delivery. We know how to utilize them and are happy to share.

Our Capabilities

We apply our digital approaches to these fields of entertainment:

On-Demand Content Platforms

Create fault-proof on-demand multimedia services that can handle a huge amount of requests — for loud premieres and grand finales!

Events & Festivals

Build a digital presence for your music or art event — reaching the new online audiences and erasing the physical boundaries.

Associations, Clubs & Federations

From a small hobby club to a massive traditional sports federation, digitalization will ensure your activities reach new people and keep the creative impact flowing.

E-Sports Organizations

Organize your own E-Sports platform that unites cyber athletes and their loyal followers into a flowing community.

What we do

From platform digitalization to the complete customization of your entertainment operations, we are your valued solutions developer:

MVP Development and Quick Launch

Rapid market fluctuations require fast reaction and relevant solutions deployment. We can partner with you in a collaborative product management environment to create a quick MVP, develop it and measure its business performance, making it more viable and cost-effective as we go.

Web & Mobile Development

Our pioneering experience in European markets has taught us that great enterprises are built on solid foundations. We apply that paradigm to our development approach and create fault-proof customer interfaces.

Microservices Architecture

Whenever you’d need a distributed, independent and fault-proof custom service that makes up for the downsides of your current platform, we are happy to propose solutions based on microservices.

Content Management Platforms

By combining our industry expertise with proprietary enterprise and open-source content management platform features, we empower your enterprise to stay relevant to your customers whenever they are.

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Completed Projects


Years of experience


Customers in Europe and USA

Featured Project: Multimedia Content Management System for aMedia

Learn how we have utilized our expertise to set up an online media repository, united 200+ workplaces in collaboration and led it to continuous digital enrichment in customer experience, payment security and constant revenue growth.

Other Entertainment Projects

By studying business challenges and nearest pain points, we develop and implement universal solutions that provide digital excellence in various fields

Multimedia Platform for Swisscom

Reksoft’s rapid turnaround in creating a content platform has reduced Swisscom’s time-to-market, while increasing overall profitability and the quality of maintenance and support of Switzerland’s largest telecom provider.

Brand Management System Development for Lenze

Adding, accessing and searching data is now much faster for both English- and German-speaking users thanks to a more intuitive, bilingual interface and enhanced transformation functionality.

Designing the Scheduling Software for ProSieben

Multiple heterogenous software environments were replaced by a single custom application that reduced manual work to a minimum.

Our Customers

Our aims at Development for Entertainment industry

We practice these principles in our approach in order to deliver the best possible customer experience:

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Reduced Ownership Costs

We study your business context and provide optimal solutions combined with our development expertise to cut the operating costs

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Enhanced Accessibility and Performance

Modern ECM paradigm is centered around perfect visibility and high accessibility of content from any medium at any time

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Fast Procurement with Minimum Risks

We’re ready to be quickly deployed while keeping track of your current compliance requirements