Digital transformation program

Why is digital transformation important?

Digital technologies have become an essential part of our daily lives. By 2022, over 60% of global GDP will be digitized with growth of digital technologies and solutions (IDC). 4.5% of GDP growth should be provided by digitalization of the Russian economy until 2025. 68% of the world’s business leaders consider digital transformation a top priority for their companies .

To achieve economic efficiency and remain competitive in a dynamically changing market, many companies face the need to rebuild their business models, optimize costs, and improve the quality of their services and products. This requires effective tools. One of these tools is digital transformation – the integration of digital technologies into all areas of business. Digital transformation allows companies to solve everincreasing business challenges at a new level, create new formats for working with partners, and also adapt products and services to the needs of the clients.

How do we help with digital transformation?

Reksoft offers a comprehensive digital transformation program that includes several successive stages: digital consulting, creation of enterprise architecture, design and development of digital platforms and products, as well as support and development of systems put into operation.

Digital transformation consulting

Reksoft has unique experience in business digitalization consulting and supports its clients at every stage of digital transformation. We conduct technology audits of current systems, develop digital strategies and design concepts for future products, reengineer business processes, modernize IT infrastructure and migrate outdated systems or systems requiring import substitution to new platforms.

Many companies embarking on the path of digital transformation face a number of challenges, the main ones of which are:

Outdated technologies and legacy infrastructure

Inefficient business processes and low level of operations automation

Low rate of introduction of new digital products

Weak potential of data and analytics usage

Lack of qualified staff

Any digital transformation project relies on a reliable and efficient technology platform capable of supporting the necessary changes. Legacy systems and infrastructure are often not efficient enough to meet business challenges.

A fragmented, non-integrated IT architecture, poor performance of legacy applications and technologies, don’t meet the requirements for flexibility and responsiveness to market changes, and slow down the introduction of innovations and are expensive to maintain. That is why creating a modern IT landscape is a necessary condition for successful digital business transformation.

As a part of the Digital Transformation Program, Reksoft implements a corporate architecture management system (developing a unified digital enterprise model), which helps our clients to successfully complete the process of modernizing and optimizing IT processes and eliminate their dependence on outdated technologies. The service includes inventory and analysis of the IT portfolio and business architecture, assessment of their alignment with the company’s strategy, implementation and automation of architecture management processes and providing recommendations for transformation. Independent expertise makes it possible to make informed decisions on investments in digital projects and choose the suitable technology solution for optimizing processes. We also support the modernization of existing systems and migration of legacy solutions to new platforms and technologies, which can reduce the total cost of ownership of IT assets, increase flexibility and provide competitive advantage through innovation.

Our approaches to creating digital solutions:

    • Comprehensive approach to problem solving: analysis, design, development, verification, implementation, maintenance.
    • We apply Agile software development methods, providing customers with a predictable result at each iteration.
    • We apply the practice of CI / CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery), which allows automated releases at any time in conjunction with automated testing.
    • We practice working with distributed teams.
    • We use a service-oriented architecture.

Data management

By 2025, the volume of global data could grow to 175 zettabytes, which is 10 times more than the total volume of data in 2016 (IDC. Data Age 2025). Not only is the volume of structured information in databases increasing, but the volume of unstructured information and the number of information sources are also growing rapidly. Companies that keep pace with modern digital technologies need to effectively integrate the process of analyzing and managing Big Data into existing IT systems. Any data at every stage of its life cycle requires appropriate management, distribution and storage procedures. Data management allows us to better understand customers, make informed decisions, and improve employees collaboration. At the same time, the issues of access to information, privacy and data protection are of key importance.

By applying the Digital Transformation Program, Reksoft assists companies in automating the process of collecting and processing Big Data, implementing instruments of data mining and predictive analytics, developing data management platforms and automating of advertising and marketing, as well as monetizing data through the development of partner programs.

Digital asset management and development

Effective digital transformation requires a reliable technology partner who will help to optimize the business through IT outsourcing and will take over the maintenance and development of the digital solutions, testing and training, so that the customer’s employees can focus on the core business. If the company lacks qualified personnel or specialized competencies to implement digital transformation projects, Reksoft provides support in organizing dedicated engineering teams and development centers. The centers are created to effectively solve the problems of a particular client and are under the client’s project management.

Dedicated software development centres

A team of specialists will provide a full cycle of digital solutions development using innovative technologies, individual business solutions and industry specifics.

Dedicated testing and QA centres

The center’s specialists will conduct functional, load and automated testing, which will help identify errors at an early stage, reduce the cost of implementing new products and shorten their time-tomarket.

Dedicated maintenance and support teams

The center’s specialists will ensure the smooth operation of digital solutions, conduct timely updates, if necessary, finalize and introduce new functionality, provide insight into best practices, and train clients’ employees.

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