Conducting an in-depth billing system audit for VivaCell MTS


million subscribers
share of the telecommunication market in Armenia.

VivaCell MTS is Armenia’s leading mobile operator, with over 2 million subscribers. The company offers mobile services, innovative communication products, information transfer and business solutions.


An increase in network coverage and the number of subscribers at VivaCell MTS demanded that the operator improve the capacity of its billing system. To determine what improvements had to be made, an audit of the billing process first needed to be carried out.

Particular attention had to be paid to the company’s database cluster, operated by Oracle and Sun Cluster. Essential equipment requirements and the project budget needed to be accurately determined before the required improvement in system capacity could be realised.

Increasing network coverage and new subscribers.
Existing billing system was not sufficient.
Audit of billing process was required.
Equipment and budget needed to be determined.


We took just three weeks to conduct an in-depth system operation analysis and performance evaluation. Statistical information was gathered at both OS and RDBMS level and in-depth analysis was performed on the system’s configuration and database structure. Analysis also revealed vulnerabilities in other system areas, unrelated to billing.

Once essential information had been obtained at VivaCell, our specialists visited the client to compile a report that included descriptions of current and potential problems, and recommendations for their resolution.

In-depth analysis and performance evaluation carried out in 3 weeks.
Statistical information gathered at both OS and RDBMS level.
Analysis also revealed frailties in non-billing system areas.
Our specialists visited client to compile detailed report.


VivaCell MTS obtained a report that helped it determine equipment upgrade requirements to optimise database structure and improve organisational procedures. Our consultative work enabled the client to react to and resolve emerging billing issues promptly and also identified a number of frailties in other system areas.

The client was able to determine the appropriate equipment and level of investment just three weeks after first contact. This ensured a reduction in the time taken to increase its billing system capacity.

Consultation identified billing issues.
We also identified frailties in other system areas.
We determined necessary equipment and level of investment for client.
Analytic report obtained 3 weeks after first contact.


  • Oracle,
  • AWR.