Development of a shared knowledge database for Rostelecom


thousand employees
million subscribers

Rostelecom is one of the largest telecom companies in Europe with a presence right across the telecommunications services market. Rostelecom is the undisputed leader of the Russian market for Internet services and owns state licenses that allow it to provide a wide range of telecommunications services in all Russian regions.


Due to the continuous expansion and improvement of its service package, Rostelecom needed a tool that would allow sales and service staff to quickly access relevant and reliable information on products, services and tariffs.

Rostelecom decided to create a single storage system for updating and retrieving knowledge. In addition, it was necessary to establish efficient delivery of information to system users all over Russia.

The project to develop a shared knowledge database (SKD) was granted to Technoserv following an open tender.
Reksoft, part of Technoserv Group, was tasked with developing an SKD.

The objectives were:

  • Providing Rostelecom employees working in sales, marketing, servicing and contact centres with fast access to essential information.
  • Integrating, structuring and positioning information.
  • Supporting current, consistent data.
  • Establishing a system that could check employees’ knowledge level through testing.
  • Displaying information to employees depending on their functional responsibilities, region and customer segment.

General requirements for creating the SKD included the need for a regional subsystem, with the ability for both centralized and decentralized content management. The SKD navigation system needed to provide simple, convenient and intuitive user access to information and an advanced search engine was essential.

Project objectives:
Improve the efficiency and quality of work of sales and service personnel.
Create communication management tools for front-line staff.
Create tools that contribute to knowledge of sales and service personnel.


The SKD includes a complete set of tools for the retention and management of company expertise, as well as the prompt provision of information in a convenient format. The interface solution consists of compact navigation bars divided into sections according to data type, geography and customer service segments.

All stored information is linked, so three clicks are all it takes to access the desired data. The Training and Testing personnel module was developed to help prepare personnel for work and assess their training level. Each user has a personal account that displays a variety of useful information, from test results and notifications to personal notes and a desktop calendar.

In the process of customer service the user is able to extract the necessary information with the following search facilities:

  • Search engine, containing all the advanced features of search engines.
  • Decision tree.
  • Precision filter systems.
  • Panels divided into data, geography and customer service segments.

Also, the SKD’s functionality includes automated workflows that make it easy to monitor published information; a reporting module for all user activity; an administrator module to manage user access based on roles and regions; user group functionality to significantly reduce administration time; comprehensive user feedback; area urgent notifications and news; and various directories.
The project brings together sales and customer service expertise and information for all Rostelecom regional units. Reksoft proposed an operating solution based on Microsoft SharePoint, which ensures maximum flexibility for stored data structures and user interfaces.

Unique project features:
High-performance distributed system

response time within 2 seconds, search results within 3 seconds.

Multi-level and multi-role knowledge structure system.
Comprehensive set of tools for employees for generating, managing and using knowledge.
Works with customer’s distributed and heterogeneous IT architecture.


In terms of scale and functionality, the SKD deployment is unique for a Russian company.

The knowledge base contains over 200 GB of corporate information. The launch of a common knowledge base greatly reduced the internal costs of the company’s operations and the acquisition of additional information systems.

A team of specialists from Technoserv and Reksoft replaced the manual transfer of content from a variety of legacy systems for automatic migration. This enabled a successful full content EBZ to be quickly created for each regional branch of Rostelecom. Right now, the SKD integrates with the company’s CRM system, and will in the future be integrated with its tariff and document systems.
This kind of knowledge management solution can also be used in banking and other retail areas.

The number of information systems

has been reduced from five to one, greatly reducing operating costs.

The time require

to enter content into the SKD has been cut by 50%.

The time taken to deliver important information

from sales and service people to front-line personnel has been reduced to just five minutes.

Domain knowledg

is unified with relevant information accessible in just three clicks.


  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
  • Sharepoint Server 2010 Enterprise
  • Sharepoint CAL
  • Office 2010 Professional Plus


  • Software development
  • Migration
  • Training
  • Modernization
  • Development