Streamlining workflow for Renaissance Capital with EMC Documentum


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Renaissance Capital (RenCap), founded in 1995, is a Moscow-based investment bank focused on the emerging markets of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and sub-Saharan Africa. The company enjoys market-leading positions in each of its core businesses — M&A, equity and debt capital markets, securities sales and trading, research and derivatives.


As an international investment bank with high-profile clients, information security and fast internal processes are of paramount importance for RenCap. However, manual processing within the organization was proving to be a time-consuming and inconsistent means of distributing significant documents, threatening business efficiency.

RenCap employees searching for specific agreements and contracts were hampered by the sheer volume of information, which included interrelated documents and metadata. There were significant problems concerning access to paper document copies, which were stored in an unstructured file system.

The situation was clearly unworkable: vital documents could be mislaid, slowing workflow; and no less serious was the security risk posed by the absence of a unified permissions policy, meaning restricted material risked being widely accessed, modified or deleted.

RenCap urgently required the deployment of an enterprise content management system to better organize the storage of archived legal documents and to improve workflow by automating their preparation. Process automation was necessary to enable the reliable execution of important investment projects.

Manual processes were time-consuming and inconsistent.
RenCap employees were hampered by sheer volume of information.
Access to paper document copies was limited due unstructured file system.
Restricted material risked being accessed, modified or deleted.


We carried out two projects based on the EMC Documentum platform – automating the preparation of documents relating to investment projects, and replacing the existing archive with a fully integrated content management system. Both projects demanded the significant customization of out-of-the-box functionality to achieve RenCap’s specific functional requirements.

For example, the complex object model meant that EMC Documentum’s default import and export components had to be extended to enable the automated classification and attributing of objects created during the import process. Similarly, the platform’s generic search capabilities were insufficient and needed to be significantly enhanced according to the company’s specific needs. A modified, multilingual user interface was also introduced to serve RenCap’s international users.

Security issues were addressed with the creation of different user groups with appropriate permission levels, and different roles with appropriate capabilities. We also carried out integration with Microsoft Active Directory to enable seamless security management. Moreover, this Documentum based solution provides a detailed audit trail, providing system administrators with monitoring capabilities over users.

We designed and implemented a full high-availability Documentum deployment, complete with clustering, load-balancing and failover.

We automated document preparation processes.
Existing archive replaced with enterprise content management system.
Significant customizations of platform’s out-of-the-box functionality carried out.
We designed and deployed high-availability architecture.


Both the automation and archiving tasks were successfully completed by our team in full-cycle projects that included consulting, design, implementation, testing, support and training. Today, RenCap benefits from the deployment of an enhanced Documentum platform that speeds up data search, increases security with different permission levels, and protects data and improves its availability with failover and clustering.

Automation in document preparation has led to a substantial streamlining of business processes, meaning RenCap is now better placed to respond quickly and effectively to opportunities in emerging markets as soon as they become available.

Substantial streamlining of business processes.

Data search sped up; data security, protection and availability increased.

RenCap better placed to respond to emerging markets.


  • EMC Documentum
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • DAM
  • MTS
  • FTI
  • VMWare Server
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Apache POI
  • JDOM
  • Novell Java LDAP


  • Development
  • Analysis
  • Requirements engineering
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Support
  • Training