Implementing the Enterprise Architecture system for Otkritie Bank


Otkritie Bank is included in the list of systemically important credit institutions approved by the Bank of Russia. Otkritie Bank operates in every traditional versatile bank field of finance: corporate, investment, SME and Private Banking.


IT landscape of Otkritie Bank has been a conglomeration of IT solutions inherited from previously acquired banks. In January 2019, B&N Bank was taken over by Otkritie Bank. The combined IT architecture, as a result, began to include 700+ IT systems and services.

The bank’s architecture office recommended further development of 215 IT systems. The remaining solutions were to be disabled without loss of critical data and processes.

During the work process, it became clear that successful development of IT infrastructure required a special-purpose toolset to structure all of the technical applications and services and create a qualitative basis for effective IT architecture management.

systems and services were included into Otkritie Bank’s IT landscape


iServer platform created by Orbus Software became the foundation of the enterprise architecture management system. It was named the best Enterprise Architecture (EA) Class product by Gartner Peer Insights users. TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) has been selected as a reference technique with which to implement and configure the system. Current best practices of the bank for IT architecture management have been also included and used.

The project included these stages:

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iServer platform configuration, including creating a repository for architectural artifacts structure.

Definition of a metamodel and a set of artifacts for current architectural practice requirements and establishing a modeling procedural agreement for the bank.

Development of modeling templates.

Setting the system’s user roles up.

The following architecture components data was placed into a repository:

  • organizational structure;
  • key business processes;
  • IT systems and data on their interconnectivity;
  • configured items of technological architecture.

Also, the enterprise architecture management repository contained the information for:

  • 700+ IT systems and services;
  • 1,000+ integration interfaces.

In addition, a dedicated portal has been developed to enable bank staff to liaise with one another regarding the architecture items and their functions. The possibility of integrating it into the bank’s common enterprise portal in the future has been set out.

Reksoft has also performed platform operation training and certification for 25 employees of Otkritie Bank as part of the project.

Andrew Zalmanov

Chief IT Architecture Officer, Otkritie Bank

“During the extensive work on migrating the legacy and acquired IT systems into a unified landscape, we have realized that it’s impossible to optimize the enterprise infrastructure without the use of profound expertise and proper tools for effective development of a structure of tech applications and services and performance management of a large IT infrastructure.

A joint team of Reksoft and Otkritie specialists has handled the project of creating such a system perfectly.”


An enterprise architecture management system covering all architectural domains has been created: Business-Data-Applications-Technology.

One of the first iServer based projects in Russia has been successfully completed.

A valid description of the current IT architecture enables savings of up to 15% of the cost of IT projects thanks to the reduced cost of IT infrastructure data acquisition, according to Deloitte.

Ilya Kravchuk

Director of Enterprise Architecture direction, Reksoft

“The project that was implemented for Otkritie Bank is one of Russia’s first iServer-based initiatives. We have created a corporate architecture management system that covers all architectural domains: Business-Data-Applications-Technology.

According to Deloitte, a business can save up to 15% of IT project cost by having a valid description of its current IT landscape. Otkritie project follows the global IT trend of placing the role of systemic change management based on an architectural approach equally to the implementation of digital technologies themselves.”