Development of the Data Exchange trading platform for the Autodata


GLONASS, a non-commercial partnership for supporting the development and use of navigation technologies, is a federal network operator specialising in navigation activities.

The goal of the non-profit partnership is to create conditions for the development of a competitive industry in the field of navigation and information services in Russia.


During operation, a modern car generates more than four terabytes of data per day. This includes information around navigation, speed and operating parameters of on-board systems. This information, without the knowledge of the vehicle owner, is directed to car manufacturers’ service and telematics platforms, telematics service providers, and other third parties.

There was a need to create a convenient and safe data exchange platform where each representative of the automotive market, potentially possessing large volumes of data, would be able independently to make them available for buying and selling.

4 TBytes/day are transferred by a modern vehicle to service and telematic platforms

Goals of creating a marketplace

expand the concept of the Autodata Platform and create a tool aimed at commercialising its services;
create a unified platform for non-discriminatory access to data in the road transport sector for all market participants, while respecting the rights of vehicle owners.


As part of the Autodata federal service navigation and telematics platform, Reksoft specialists developed the concept and layout of Data Exchange. Data Exchange is a marketplace that allows people to buy and sell automotive data via the Autodata platform.

Traders include car owners, manufacturers, service providers, dealers and other people who hold vehicle-related data.

The layout of the marketplace makes it possible to work out scenarios of purchase and sale, test hypotheses of business models and work out the process of interaction between sellers and buyers of automotive data.

Marketplace benefits

Data Exchange makes it possible to automate:

sellers’ placement of information about the data they have put on sale in the catalogue on the marketplace portal;
placement of offers for the sale of vehicles by their owners in the mobile application and in the My Account section of the website;
management of the cost of data to increase the attractiveness of offers;
search functionality within the data catalogue, with selection and acquisition of data;
processes for providing data from data sellers’ information systems ;
processes for providing data to data buyers’ information systems;
ensuring settlements between consumers, suppliers and data owners;
choice of parameters of the transmitted information (for example, the transmission of anonymised or personalised information).

When creating the Autodata platform and Data Exchange, Reksoft paid special attention to data security, including people’s personal information. The data is used and analysed in an impersonal form, and the personalised use of data sets is possible only with the official consent of their owners, which, if necessary, can be revoked at any time.

Thanks to this solution, Russian vehicle owners will be the first in the world to use information generated by their cars, anonymously and safely use it at their discretion on a commercial basis, accompanying the data with detailed information about possible applications and scenarios of use.


Software for the layout of Data Exchange

Reksoft developed convenient and secure marketplace architecture: logic, mechanisms for providing services, and flexible mechanisms for integrating Data Exchange with both sellers and buyers’ information systems.

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Technical documentation for layout

Reksoft described the requirements for the services provided, as well as the functional and technical capabilities of the marketplace. Reksoft also determined the metrics and means of information protection to ensure that the information security subsystem of the Autodata platform meets all the requirements of regulators for the relevant security classes.

A mobile application for vehicle owners

The ability to conduct sales and purchase scenarios and settlements between buyers, sellers and data owners via mobile devices has been implemented.

According to a survey conducted by Autonet together with the consulting company Roland Berger, more than 60% of Russian people are ready to share data on the operation of a car with the opportunity to sell them on the Data Exchange. In total, more than 10,000 Russians aged 18 to 50 took part in the survey.

Igor Kravchenko

Deputy Director for Innovation Markets, Reksoft

“An important task for any open government system is to make its services popular and convenient for citizens and business. The Data Exchange marketplace meets this requirement because we’ve developed it to be an holistic tool. It commercialises Autodata platform services in a way that is interesting and useful for vehicle owners as well as for relevant organisations.”